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Amid the hot topic about its choice to use Google for iPhone and Mac devices, a new report says Apple actually has the elements and materials needed to establish its own search engine. Even more, the Cupertino giant is reportedly planning to employ its next-generation search engine technology soon on more of its apps, including the App Store.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported it in this week’s Power On newsletter, which specifically highlighted the name of John Giannandrea, Apple’s senior vice president of Machine Learning and AI Strategy. As a former Google executive, Gurman noted that Giannandrea is handling a search team responsible for the development of a next-generation search engine called “Pegasus.” It is reportedly dedicated to Apple apps and can reportedly bring out results more precisely, suggesting it is one of the significant elements making Apple capable of creating its own search engine if it wishes to.

“Apple knows this,” Gurman wrote. “That’s one reason why it’s been tinkering with search technology for years. The work has its benefits, even if the company doesn’t launch a Google rival: Apple can improve its non-web search capabilities, and it could serve as a frightening bargaining chip in pricing negotiations with Google.”

The report underscored that Apple’s initial search engine efforts can already be spotted in Apple’s Spotlight, App Store, Maps, Apple TV, and News. Gurman noted that the tech being used on these Apple creations is limited compared to what Google can handle but said that “it does provide the underpinnings if Apple ever wanted to release a full search engine.”

As such, the giant wants to push a simpler plan. As per Gurman, Pegasus is already being on different Apple apps, and the giant will just integrate it into more of its current creations, including the App Store. On a positive note, it will reportedly introduce some improvements to the tech using its new generative AI tools. With all that, while we still can’t expect an actual search engine from Apple, there is a chance that we will have a better search performance across the Apple ecosystem soon.


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