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Apple has finally clarified the issue involving its iPhone 15, which is overheating in many cases. According to the giant on Saturday, the problem originates from some issues, including an iOS 17 bug worsened by third-party apps’ problematic updates. It promised to deliver an iOS 17 update to end this but said that it wouldn’t affect the iPhone 15 performance.

After the release of the first batch of the iPhone 15 smartphones, customers started noticing the units to heat up. Many users encountered the issue during the setup process of the phones, which Apple said should be normal “because of increased background activity.” However, some of the cases have persisted, leading to some speculations.

Most initial theories point to the titanium frames of the iPhone 15 Pro models, saying the material easily gets hot compared to the aluminum Apple used to employ. Some also blame the A17 Pro, but supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the chip was not the culprit. According to the analyst, Apple made thermal system design compromises that reduced the heat dissipation area. The Wall Street Journal echoed this, reporting that the company indeed made an internal change in the phones that “creates additional challenges for heat dissipation.”

Despite all that, the iPhone maker dismissed the ideas, especially the use of titanium material, claiming it actually improves heat dissipation. Reuters says in a recent report that there are “a few issues” Apple has identified. Aside from an iOS 17 bug, the company has shared that certain apps have been causing the issue due to their recent updates, leading to system overload of the iPhone 15. Some reportedly include the game Asphalt 9, Uber, and Instagram. Meta fixed the issue for the latter on Wednesday.

In the end, the Cupertino company promised to introduce an update to iOS 17 to end the issue. It said it wouldn’t affect the unit’s performance, suggesting the company won’t make changes that will decrease the power of the A17 Pro chip.


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