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Apple has gained another patent focusing on “accessory devices that provide information to electronic devices” recently. The highlight of the patent is the addition of a dedicated display in one accessory and a VR headset-like case for iPhones. Interestingly, it also includes details about a wireless charging mat, which is similar to the unreleased AirPower mat.

Cover with integrated display

Apple accessory device cover with dedicated display screen

According to the document, the accessory device will feature a receptacle to contain an electronic device. Apple shares different illustrations of the accessory devices in its patent document, with one appearing like a normal tablet cover. However, the patent says the cover will include a display with touch input capability.

What’s interesting about it is that Apple plans to give the accessory device a wireless circuitry feature to communicate with the cover’s display. The document further says the screen will include “an ink-based display that can present the information and subsequently transition to an inactive mode, while still presenting the information, in order to conserve power.”

AirPower-like wireless charging mat

Apple patent accessory device wireless charging mat

On the other hand, the patent seems to indicate that Apple is still working on its unreleased wireless charging mat called “AirPower.” To recall, the company revealed the mat in 2018 during an event but canceled it in 2019. However, the patent, filed in 2021 and issued this month, might be a sign that AirPower isn’t over yet.

The document describes “a plan view of multiple devices positioned on a charging station,” which is highly similar to the characteristics of the AirPower mat. Apple says the charging mat will also be wireless (inductive wireless charging) and can simultaneously cater to multiple devices (two iPhones and an accessory), although the illustration shows that the mat will be wider and rectangular in shape compared to AirPower. 

Head-mounted device turning iPhones into VR screens

Apple patent accessory device headset that uses iPhone as screen

Another detail in the document includes an accessory device that looks like a VR or AR headset. However, the document describes it as an accessory designed to cater to iPhones.

According to the illustration, the headset will also have a receptacle where users can place their iPhones. It also mentions wireless communication features, allowing the wearer to control their iPhones while attached to the headsets.

In general, the plan seems to aim to turn iPhones into VR/AR headset alternatives. This sounds like a good idea since Apple’s upcoming high-end Vision Pro headset will cost $3,499. By introducing an accessory like this, Apple customers could also try the VR experience using their current devices. Even more, creations like this could give users more ways to use and enjoy their iPhones.

Unfortunately, no other details are shared on how Apple will exactly execute this plan or whether the headset device accessory will also adopt the features and sensors in Vision Pro. Yet, in case those things are considered in the future, the headset accessory could make iPhones more attractive in the market, albeit it could affect Apple Vision Pro headset sales.

Other Apple patents

The ones mentioned above are just some of the recent patents acquired by Apple recently. In the past weeks, it was also reported that the company was granted other patents for other creations.

One includes a flexible display for wearables, rollables, and foldables. In the document, the company highlights the use of the tech for adjustable watches that can follow the shape of the wearer’s wrist. Additionally, the patent details that there will be a “first display area” and a “second display area,” which will respectively display the watch face design and watch band design via a dedicated graphical user interface manager. 

Another one includes a “Hotel” app for vacation-related services. The idea is to make a platform where Apple customers can access different hotel and hospitality services. According to the patent, this could include creating taxi bookings or car rentals, ordering room and concierge services, and viewing nearby tourist attractions and centers. Interestingly, the Hotel app will also reportedly allow users to control room settings.


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