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After being announced in June 2022 and being limited to an invite-only access basis, Apple has finally made the Apple Pay Later service widely available in the US territories. With this, iPhone and iPad users should now be able to take advantage of the offer, allowing them to pay for certain purchases in installments.

The rollout of Apple Pay Later to the general public in the US was a long time coming since it was first announced during the same period of the iOS 16 release. However, in March, it was just made available to randomly selected users invited to have early access to a prerelease version of Apple Pay Later.

This, thankfully, is now over after months of wait.

By visiting the Apple Pay Later in the Wallet app, you’ll notice that the earlier reminder from Apple about its limited availability is no longer posted.

Eligible users (18 years of age) can use the offer to get purchases between $75 (formerly $50 during the prerelease version) and $1,000 and pay for them in four equal payments over six weeks. There will be no interest or fees included in the payment, with Apple promising it doesn’t impact the users’ credit scores.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that it is a separate loan and needs a new application alongside a loan repayment method via debit card. Apple says credit cards are not an option to “help prevent users from taking on more debt to pay back loans.”

Apple Pay Later in the Wallet app will then display the total amount due for all of their existing loans and the total amount due in the next 30 days. It also allows users to view all upcoming payments on a calendar view in Wallet, aiding in payment tracking. There will also be notifications via Wallet and email to remind users about the payments. 

Apple Pay Later can be used anywhere online where Apple Pay is accepted and in-app purchases on iPhones and iPads. Currently, it is only available in the US, including in Hawaii, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. 


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