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Apple has admitted it is aware that the Screen Time issues in iPhones and iPads continue to pester several users. Nonetheless, in a statement to The Wall Street Journal, the company assured its customers that it would “improve the situation” via future device updates.

Screen Time is one of the most useful features for parents to remotely control their children’s devices. This allows management capabilities across synced devices, including blocking content, putting time limits for apps, and even setting the time the device can only be used. However, months ago, some users reported problems involving the feature, saying it kept resetting or failing to apply the settings to all devices in a Family Sharing group.

Apple has finally commented on the situation, acknowledging that the bug continues to exist despite plans to end it in the iOS 16.5 update released in May. And now that we’re already in iOS 16.6 update, users say this continues. iOS 17 public beta testers report the same.

“We are aware that some users may be experiencing an issue where Screen Time settings are unexpectedly reset,” an Apple spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal. “We take these reports very seriously and we have been, and will continue, making updates to improve the situation.”


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