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The first public beta of iOS 17 is finally out, and public testers can now get it.

The public beta arrived after Apple made a re-release version of the iOS 17 Beta 3, which was the same thing that it did in iOS 16 last year. The iOS 17 beta is now available to more testers, although the newly-released public version is just the same as the third beta released to developers. Also, while public betas are deemed more stable than the ones developers have been testing, they could still exhibit some bugs and issues.

Unfortunately, some testers reported experiencing battery and keyboard issues in the first iOS 17 public beta. The two are some of the prominent problems in the past developer betas of iOS 17, though they were reportedly improved in Beta 3. With this, public beta testers should expect to experience the said issues, albeit to a milder degree. Also, some reported not seeing the new wallpapers in the public beta. Early public testers noted that changing and restoring the device’s region should resolve this (Settings > General > Language and Region).

On the other hand, the iOS 17 public beta will bring public testers a lot of interesting features and system improvements. The list is long, but some of the most significant ones include the new StandBy mode, NameDrop, Journal app, Contact Posters, FaceTime voicemail, Live voicemail transcription, and interactive widgets. Apple also included some major improvements in different sections of the OS, such as the ones now found in the Visual Lookup, Settings, Music, and more.

For a complete list of the iOS 17 features and improvements, we have a full review of this in our recent article. Also, here is the list of known issues in iOS 7 Developer Beta 3, which public testers might encounter, though most of them are likely resolved by Apple now in the public release. We will update this article once we get our hands on Apple’s latest release notes for the first iOS 17 public beta.


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