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Apple experienced a 6% decline in its shipments during the second quarter of 2023. Nonetheless, compared to its competitors that witnessed steep drops, this allowed the brand’s iPhone to snatch a huge 55% market share in the US. This translates to a 10% increase in the same quarter last year and a 3% increase from the first quarter of 2023.

Counterpoint Research US smartphone market share graph Q2 2023
Image Credit: Counterpoint Research

The new report was shared by global tech research firm Counterpoint Research. According to the company, Apple’s Andriod competitors saw a significant decline in their shipments in Q2 2023. Alcatel was hit the hardest with a 69% drop, followed by Samsung (-37%) and Motorola (-17%). And although Google managed to secure a huge 48% increase (thanks to its new Pixel Fold model), the brand remains to have an insignificant presence in the overall US smartphone market competition.

In general, Apple’s iPhones remain the top smartphone brand in the US, owning over half the market. The report underlines that carrier promotions played a huge part in this, allowing Apple to continuously dominate the race.

“Apple’s resilience was driven by strong promotions across postpaid and prepaid,” Counterpoint’s Associate Research Director Hanish Bhatia said in a statement. “Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile continued to offer $800+ promo credits for the iPhone 14 while old-generation iPhones were also steeply discounted across prepaid. We are seeing no weakness in the overall promotional activity.”

Counterpoint’s research complements the latest data from the cloud-based web analytics platform Statcounter, which shows that Apple currently owns 57.4% of the US mobile market as of June 2023. Samsung, meanwhile, follows the rank with a 26.75% share, while others (including Motorola, Google, and LG) barely reached the 5% mark.

According to other reports, Apple also has witnessed positive growth in other markets during the second quarter of 2023. In China, Apple gained a 6.1% YOY growth for its iPhone market share despite the 7.3% YoY decline in the country’s overall smartphone shipments during the year’s second quarter. Also, despite not being the top choice among customers in India, Apple still garnered a total of 5.1% share (versus the 3.4% share last year during the same period) in the country’s overall smartphone market by the end of June. Meanwhile, while not entirely the biggest competitor in South Korea, a recent survey showed that iPhone is the top choice among young Koreans aged 18 to 29.


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