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Finally, Apple is now offering a USB-A to USB-C cable online. It is not its own creation, but this reflects the Cupertino giant’s effort to allow the use of third-party accessories to its devices.

As spotted by 9To5Mac, the iPhone maker put the product on its online store this week. It follows its move to adopt the USB-C to its whole iPhone 15 lineup, allowing the new iPhones to join the existing Apple devices now using the USB-C port.

The cable included in the boxes of the new iPhone 15 smartphones is USB-C to USB-C, which is a 1-meter long with USB 2 speeds. Apple is also offering an optional USB 3 cable variant. The cables are supposed to complement the current charging bricks Apple customers use for their earlier Apple devices with USB-C ports. However, the cables apparently won’t work with other charging adapters from other brands that usually offer USB-A ports.

With this, it is good news that Apple is now officially selling a USB-A to USB-C cable. This should allow you to use third-party USB-A bricks for your iPhones. (Note: they must be compliant with the USB-C standard, including USB Power Delivery.) In addition to that, the cable will also allow you to connect your device to a car with a USB-A connector.

The cable is from Belkin and is now listed on the platform as BOOST↑Charge Pro Flex USB-A to USB-C Cable. The braided silicone cable is one meter long and has a magnetic cable management strap. According to the product’s description, it is compatible with Macs, iPads, or iPhones with USB-C ports since it is USB-IF certified.

In the end, while it is indeed pleasant to know that there’s now a USB-A to USB-C option on Apple’s online store, note that it costs $19.95. Also, you might have to wait until next month for it to get shipped. As such, if you are in a rush and hoping to find more affordable options, you might want to consider other cables as long as they are compliant with the USB-C standard.


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