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Apple has stopped responding to queries and mentions on X using human support. The move follows an earlier report about the Cupertino company’s plan to eliminate its social media support advisors on different platforms, including Apple Support Community, X, and YouTube.

Sending a private message to the account of Apple Support will only result in an automated response, directing users to the official Apple website’s Get Support page and iPhone/iPad Apple Support app. This activity reportedly started on Sunday, October 1.

In relation to that, Apple has also stopped using human support on posts mentioning the @AppleSupport handle. Just like the automated response in the direct message, users will instead receive different links directing them to various Apple website pages.

Ultimately, Apple changed the account’s profile description from “available every day to answer your questions” to “we’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most.”

It seems Apple has already implemented the same change on its YouTube account, as it no longer replies to queries in the comment section.

These changes are part of the giant’s broader plan for its social media support advisors. According to MacRumors in August, aside from X and YouTube, Apple will also implement this on its Apple Support Community website. This will result in the removal of the paid Community Specialist role in the platform.

Nonetheless, the company is reportedly offering affected employees to move to phone-based support roles, with the transition process expected to reach completion by November. It has affected “hundreds” of employees, but MacRumors said some are “unable to or unwilling to make the switch.” Some allegedly want chat-based support roles, but the report noted that it is only offered to those with medical reasons. As such, some employees “were told they would need to explore work outside of Apple.”

Apple still hasn’t commented on the matter or its real reasons behind these changes.


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