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Soon retail workers at Apple stores will be able to use iPhone 14 for their sale transactions in the future. The new phones will replace the iPhone XS, which is currently being used for the company’s point-of-sale (PoS) system.

The news was shared by Bloomberg’s tech journalist Mark Gurman. He said it should not make any huge changes to customers, but it would benefit the workers. As Gurman noted, the employees “often have to swap the aging iPhones out multiple times per day,” which some customers and former employees confirmed.

“I was at the Apple Store Friday and I was checking out and I was SHOCKED when she pulled out what I initially thought was an iPhone 10 and she was having a hard time getting it to scan my code,” commented one Twitter user on the thread.

“As an ex-Apple employee, those Isaacs are so slow and they make customers think you’re confused,” shared a former worker.

The move is rational for the company since iPhone XS was first released in 2018. Although it is still compatible with the upcoming iOS 17, the model is already getting rather old for its job as a PoS tool at Apple Stores. Moreover, given that the company aims to convince its customers to adopt the latest flagship series, updating the PoS devices is really a must for Apple.

Gurman didn’t mention when the plan will start and if it will also cover the stores already using iPhone 12 in their PoS. Nonetheless, it should happen before the release of the Cupertino company’s new iPhone 15 series. The new line is expected in September, and Apple believes it will meet the high demand for the new models. This entails high volumes of customers visiting its retail stores in the coming months. With this, having a more advanced iPhone 14 in the PoS will be a huge help in ensuring that retail workers will be able to cater to transactions more efficiently and faster.


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