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Are you one of the affected users seeing a bizarre icon on your Weather app, especially during snowy days? Well, you are not alone. According to different users online, instead of snow, a bug is causing the infamous Apple application to show a file icon on their screen.

Weather widget snow icon is missing
byu/sdrey inios

First reported by 9To5Mac, the affected users shared the experience during the snowy weather in their areas. It is unknown how widespread the problem is, but it is certain that it applies to locations with the said condition. Yoodley was able to confirm this after successfully replicating the issue by setting our location to areas with snowy forecasts.

The issue follows a recent update Apple implemented to the watchOS to address an earlier Weather bug. And while it is now fixed, this new bug has come to replace it. Apple still hasn’t commented on the matter, making users clueless about whether the giant is already aware of the problem.

With or without comments, nonetheless, it is likely that Apple has already heard the news and is only mum. The same thing happened on the breaking NFC on iPhone 15, with the company only disclosing the matter to its technicians. In its memo, the iPhone maker claimed that the issue only temporarily deactivates the chip, instructing technicians to only reactivate it using a software tool in its Apple Service Toolkit 2.

We will update this story as soon as we get new details and comments from Apple.


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