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Are you looking for the best RAR file extractor to open and unzip archives on your Mac?

RAR is a popular archive format that can be used to compress multiple files and directories into one file. RAR files are a great way to both save space on your hard drive and send large amounts of data over the internet. 

While it’s easy to make and unzip RAR files on Windows, it’s not so straightforward on Mac.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best RAR file extractors for Mac.


What Are The Best RAR File Extractors For Mac?

Here is an overview of some of the best RAR file extractors for Mac:

1. The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a free Mac utility designed to make opening archived files as simple as double-clicking them. It supports more than four dozen popular and unpopular file formats, including Stuffit archives, executable files, and RAR containers.

Unlike Apple’s built-in archive utility, The Unarchiver offers users an invisible interface that requires no extra steps or commands to use. Simply double-click the file and The Unarchiver will take care of the rest.

The Unarchiver also offers advanced features such as support for password-protected archives and the ability to open multiple archives at once.

It also integrates with Finder so you can quickly access your archived files without having to launch The Unarchiver first. All in all, The Unarchiver is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable way to open compressed files on their Mac.

Who Is The Unarchiver Best For?

The Unarchiver is a great tool for anyone who needs to open compressed files on their Mac but doesn’t want to bother with complicated commands or settings. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use – just what you need when dealing with large archives or multiple files at once. Plus, it’s completely free so there’s no reason not to give it a try!


2. WinRAR

WinRAR is an archiving utility tool owned by Alexander Roshal that allows Windows users to store multiple files into a single “archive” file – usually using a .zip or .rar extension – to make loading/saving time faster and help keep large amounts of data organized.

It also enables users to securely encrypt their files as well as password-protect them in order to restrict access to the data contained therein.

Following are some of the significant highlights of WinRAR:

  • Compression – WinRAR can unpack various types of compressed files, like ZIP and RAR, while it has strong compression capabilities so you can use it to reduce the size of your files before shipping or storing them.
  • Multi-Volume – It is capable of creating split archives which are stored in several smaller parts or ‘volumes’ for easy extraction or transport.
  • Supports Multiple Formats – It also supports other popular formats such as ISO, CAB, TAR, GZIP, etc., along with 7z format for compressing data into 7zip format for maximum space saving or compatibility reasons.

Who Is WinRAR Best For?

WinRAR provides great compression and security abilities that make it ideal for three primary user categories – businesses looking for an efficient way to store large volumes of data securely; home & casual users who need effective means of organizing collected material online; technical professionals who want effective ways of transferring sensitive information via compressible formats that meet industry standards like ISO images, etc.


3. StuffIt Expander For Mac

StuffIt Expander is an essential tool for anyone who downloads files from the web or receives them in their email. It can easily expand and decode all kinds of archives, including StuffIt, RAR, 7zip, split and segmented archives.

With StuffIt Expander you don’t have to worry about getting “Operation Not Permitted” errors when trying to open a Zip archive. It can even open password-protected Zip archives that other programs cannot access.

StuffIt Expander is incredibly easy to use and it supports over 30 different formats so you can be sure that almost any file you receive will be able to be opened with this program. It also has a built-in previewer so you can quickly check out what’s inside an archive before expanding it.

Plus, it has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to use even for beginners. With StuffIt Expander you can quickly and easily expand any type of compressed file without having to worry about compatibility issues or errors.

Who Is The StuffIt Expander For Mac Best For?

StuffIt Expander for Mac is great for home users who need to quickly compress or expand large batches of documents at once.

It’s also ideal for students who need to send assignments via email or upload them online as well as business users who often deal with huge volumes of corporate data on a regular basis.

StuffIt Expander has been widely adopted by individuals looking save time when dealing with large amounts of compressed data due to its easy yet effective approach to archiving the most popular type of documents used in both business spheres and in everyday life activities alike. 


4. iZip For Mac

iZip for Mac is a robust and easy-to-use utility application that allows you to manage compressed archives such as ZIP files directly from your Mac. It offers an array of features designed to make the process of compressing, extracting, modifying, and protecting archived data a quick and simple one.

iZip for Mac is a compression utility that makes managing files on your Mac easy and convenient. Specifically, it allows you to compress, extract, modify and encrypt zip archives without having to launch another program or software.

It simplifies file management with its intuitive graphical user interface which allows you to view archived content easily. You can also take advantage of the built-in search function, allowing you to find specific content quickly by typing keywords in the search box.

Who Is iZiP Best For?

iZip for Mac has various features that make it ideal for users who require more control over their compressed files. It’s great for power users who need the access ready but don’t have time for complex processes or menu options – everything can be done quickly right on your desktop with just a few clicks of a button!

Additionally, businesses may benefit highly from using this tool due to its ability to encrypt confidential documents or password-protect certain zipped content if required.


5. SimplyRAR

SimplyRAR for Mac is a powerful and secure file-archiving utility. It’s a great tool for compressing large files or directories into convenient, smaller-sized archives. These archives may include either single or multiple compression methods, and offer selective extraction of exactly what you need. SimplyRAR for Mac is easy to use and offers a variety of features that make file compressing easier than ever before.

SimplyRAR offers a range of features in one user-friendly program, including:

  • Compress files – Reduce their size with the power of RAR’s lossless compression – ensuring no data is lost when zipping up your important documents, images, etc.
  • Extract only selected content – Selectively extract certain files or folders from archives without having to decompress them all individually.
  • Password protection – Easily add passwords to encrypted Zip/Pkzip and Rar formats, giving your files extra security on top of the existing 256-bit encryption strength in place.
  • Drag and drop ease – Select which folders and files you want to compress with one click thanks to the drag and drop feature intuitively built into SimplyRAR’s workspace.

Who Is SimplyRAR Best For?

SimplyRAR is perfect for anyone who needs an easy way to compress very large folders or volumes into smaller packages so they’re easier to store and share more quickly online.

It’s also useful if you need something more secure than the usual zip format: since it supports both password protection and 256-bit encryption strength it can protect sensitive information contained within these archives even better than traditional zipping tools can do alone.

Basically, anyone who needs faster remote transfers should seriously consider using SimplyRAR as an alternative!


6. Dr. Unarchiver

Dr. Unarchiver is a free utility for macOS that helps you extract compressed archives quickly and easily. It can open files stored in common archive formats including ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, and many more. Once extracted, the program changes the file’s extension so it can be read by other programs.

Dr. Unarchiver also allows users to send large files to friends without worrying about file size limits or email attachment restrictions.

With Dr. Unarchiver you’re able to view the contents of any archived file without first having to uncompress them–great for when you need to know what’s inside something before taking the time to extract it!

The program also provides several useful features such as filtering support, fast multi-threaded extraction support, and split multi-part archives (RAR and 7z).

Plus, you can batch process multiple archives all at once in three simple steps – select the archives you want to process, choose your desired output format (ZIP or TAR) and let the app get to work!

Who Is Dr. Unarchiver Best For?

Dr. Unarchiver is perfect for those who constantly use their Macs to unzip files at an accelerated pace–such as developers transferring from platform to platform or designers working with several versions of projects simultaneously, etc.

Furthermore, anyone looking for peace of mind when sending large numbers of documents via email will appreciate this tool as it helps resolve potential issues including overloading inboxes or exceeding overall email attachment limits.


7. Bandizip

Bandizip is an application made by Bandisoft Corporation that lets users easily suck up compressed files like ZIP, 7Z, TAR, and RAR formats. It also provides support for more than 40 coding methods (including Unicode) as well as multiple disk images formats such as ISO and UDF discs.

As the name implies, the app specializes in helping users quickly decompress or extract files from archives in those formats mentioned above.

It’s a great tool for folks who have to deal with large data sets or email chains that are stuffed full of attachments especially if there are dozens of them – this way, you merely drag over the main file and don’t have to call out every single add-on manually.

In addition to unzipping archives in various formats from keyboard presses and mouse clicks alike, Bandizip supports Easy User Security integration so that only particular fields or details within an encrypted package can become viewable after the decryption process takes place.

Who Is Bandizip Best For?

Bandizip is perfect for anyone who has large amounts of archived data which need extraction quickly and securely. Whether you’re dealing with emails stuffed full of attachments or compressed video game projects stretched out across many packages – this is definitely worth considering as your essential go-to solution going forward off into future endeavors yet ahead always waiting patiently near horizon lines just beyond view standing tall ever ready! 


8. PeaZip

PeaZip is an easy-to-use archiver software that can decompress files from 18 different file formats – including both generic and popular ones such as ZIP and RAR. The main benefit of using a file extractor like this one is that it provides users with an efficient way to unpack a range of different types of archives without having to install multiple separate programs.

PeaZip comes with plenty of features to offer an effective experience when unpacking files. These include:

  • Support for all popular archive formats;
  • Compression rate options;
  • Intuitive user interface;
  • Drag-and-drop support;

Who Is PeaZip Best For?

If you’re someone who needs to frequently unpack ZIP or RAR files on a regular basis but doesn’t want to install individual programs for each type of archive then PeaZip may be perfect for you. It provides novice users with an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require any prior knowledge or technical know-how.

Additionally, tech professionals who need to carry out more complicated tasks such as password protecting their archives will also find an effective solution in PeaZip due to its many useful features discussed above.


9. Keka

Keka supports a huge range of archive types including Zip, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, RAR, and 7zip. It extracts your compressed or archived files in their original formats without requiring extra space on your computer due to its compression algorithm.

With Keka you can quickly compress/decompress files in various formats like Zip, Tar, GZip, etc., easily manage archives (delete entries) and create archives with just one click! Moreover, it also securely wipes old and temporary files from hard drives with zero chances of recovery.

Additionally, Keka has an encrypted archive feature that allows users to secure their confidential data by setting a password while compressing or decompressing the file. This means even if someone gets access they cannot unpack or look inside the contents until they know the correct password.

You can also save shortcuts as presets for commonly used commands meaning you can then quickly execute them without retyping everything all over again every time you want to use them.

Who Is Keka For?

Keka was designed mainly for Power users who are tech-savvy and need fast & efficient tools for their work or personal projects.

Those who want control over the details of their archiving process will appreciate how customizable it is – allowing them to decide levels of compression, type & size of compressed files based on their needs & preferences while keeping things organized & clean at all times.

Advanced users will find advanced options like setting up passwords and creating encrypted archives also very handy.


10. iPackr

iPackr is a free RAR file extractor software developed by Virtix Technologies. It helps users to open RAR files quickly and easily with just a few clicks of the mouse. In addition to extracting data from these files, iPackr can also compress documents or folders into smaller .rar archives so that they take up less space on hard drives—a popular practice among webmasters who need to transfer sizable chunks of data online.

The main advantage of using iPackr for extracting and compressing files is that it allows users to save time and effort compared to traditional methods such as zipping or unzipping with WinRar or 7-Zip or doing manual extraction from an archive manually.

Who Is iPackr Best For?

iPackr is best suited for those who regularly work with large amounts of data that need to be extracted or compressed into archive formats like RAR or ZIP Code before being transferred online due to restrictions on file sizes imposed by certain websites either for security reasons or geographical location regulation protocols.


How Did We Rank The Best RAR File Extractors For Mac?

There are a lot of different RAR file extractor programs available for Mac users but not all of them are created equal. Some are more powerful than others, some have useful features that make extracting files faster and easier, and some come with fewer ads or popups.

To help our readers choose the right RAR file extractor for their needs, we’ve compiled this list of the best options available. In this section, we’ll explore how we ranked each program according to power, ease of use, features, customer support, and value for money:


The first thing we look at is how powerful and capable a program is when it comes to extracting RAR files on a Mac. Does it require extra steps or additional software in order to use it? Can it decompress multiple files at once? Is the interface easy to work with? These are just some of the questions we ask when looking at each program’s power.


We also worry about ease of use when choosing a RAR file extractor. Does it have a user-friendly interface that makes extracting many different types of files as easy as possible? How difficult is it to install and start using it? Are there any hidden costs associated with buying or subscribing to the service?


Of course, having advanced features on a RAR file extractor program can make life easier in certain situations (e.g., integrating with other software or apps). We look for programs that offer comprehensive feature sets that can benefit users depending on their specific circumstances.

Customer Support

The last factor we consider before ranking a particular program is customer support. Does the company offer customer service if you run into trouble when opening or managing your archives? Do they reply quickly to inquiries and provide helpful advice on how to get up and running with certain features?

Value for Money

While a more expensive option might come with an extensive feature set, if you don’t need those features then paying more won’t benefit you – so always pay close attention to value for money when making your purchase decision!


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