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Have you recently got a Mac computer but are sad about the fact that you won’t be able to install and use the MobaXterm software on your macOS device? Well, you are not alone. 

Many Mac users, especially developers and bloggers, want to get their hands on the MobaXterm program to get all the key programming languages on their computers. 

But guess what? There are numerous alternatives of MobaXterm in the market that have comparable features and can be conveniently used on macOS devices. 

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the useful plugins and significant programming languages on your computer, keep on reading this write-up to know about these alternatives in detail. 


What is MobaXterm? 

MobaXterm is a software program that provides businesses and developers with various networking tools, including FTP, VNC, RDP, and numerous Unix commands. Using this pool of configurable computer interfaces, you can manage the SSH connections from a Windows OS. 

Some of the useful features you get with the MobaXterm application are session sharing, monitoring the network connection, email and file transfer, and X-11 forwarding. It is, in fact, a portable exe file involved in providing all the key Programming languages to the Windows computer. 


Can MobaXterm be used on Mac? 

As mentioned above, despite all the useful utilities and features this application has to offer, it isn’t available for use to macOS users. This sometimes puts them into a blind spot where they start considering different operating system options. 

But thankfully, switching to another operating system isn’t the only solution you are left with. Over time, multiple developers have worked hard and have finally succeeded in developing apps encompassing features comparable to the MobaXterm app. 


5 Best MobaXterm Alternatives For Mac

Although there are numerous alternatives to the MobaXterm app for Mac in the market now, not all of them are as good as the app itself. This makes it hard for first-time users or beginners to pick out the right software for themselves. 

Keeping all this in mind, we have made a list for you incorporating some of the best MobaxTerm alternatives for Mac in the market. 

1. Hyper 

The first MobaXterm alternative on our list is the Hyper app which is one of the most reliable options in the market. The Hyper app is based entirely on the macOS terminal, making it suitable for Mac users out there. 

This program was built on programming languages, including HTML, CSS, as well as JavaScript. Out of all the MobaXterm alternatives for Mac that have hit the market so far, this one features the most user-friendly interface and is the simplest to use, making it the best choice for beginners. 

One noticeable feature of the Hyper app that makes it a comparable alternative to the MobaXterm for Mac is its excellent speed. Also, changing the command keys won’t be an issue with Hyper. 

The extensions on Hyper are based on the universal Node.js modules making them easily loadable by the electron and significantly reducing the rendering process time. Using Hyper, Mac users would be able to intercept every bit. 

Pros Cons
  • It is simple and ideal for beginners 
  • You can easily change command keys on Hyper 
  • Its speed is excellent 
  • Even at the highest speed; it’s slower than most MobaXterm alternatives 
  • There is a large delay between command and action on this alternative 


2. ZOC Terminal 

ZOC Terminal is one of the most renowned MobaXterm alternatives, which was initially developed to be used on both macOS and Windows operating systems. Owing to the fame of this emulator, users generally perceive it to be complex and complicated. 

However, the reality is completely the opposite as it is a simple tool that can help the users connect to the Host along with the mainframes via the use of Tenet, SSH, and Serial Cable. 

To make the process of handling different sessions at once and switching between them tirelessly, this emulator provides the users with table sessions. The tables come equipped with a full-fledged display showing the thumbnails of the sessions you have previously opened on your Mac. 

Using these thumbnails, you can easily arrange the sessions and smoothly switch between them. The communication with the modern SSH based entirely on the OpenSSH 7.3 with the private/public authentication key is also supported by ZOC. You will also be able to experience the smart card and port tunneling support by ZOC. 

Pros Cons
  • Works on both macOS and Windows OS 
  • It features a modern user interface 
  • You get a complete session display on this emulator 
  • It fails to detect the installed shells automatically 
  • With so many options on the app, finding the one you need is a task 


3. MacWise 

This is another excellent MobaXterm alternative for Mac which, like, most alternatives, was designed specially for Mac users. Thankfully, this software is compatible with numerous macOS versions, including the latest ones,i.e., the macOS X 10.4, and will supposedly work with other later versions too. 

Using the MacWise Terminal, you will be able to use the Macintosh with a terminal linked to the host computer directly. To make this connection with LAN possible, you need a router or can connect it to the internet using the SSH secure shell or Tenet. 

The best thing about MacWise is its sharp memory which is known for keeping a record of perhaps the last 40 or more pages on your Mac display. Considering that this software provides extensive support to the AppleScript command, it is one of the most reliable MobaXterm alternatives for Mac in the market. 

On this software terminal, it won’t be a complex task for you to control and reach different types of MacWise functions via the Transfer of Data or simply through using Host. This can be done by sending commands to the hosts and exchanging texts with other MacWise users. 

Pros Cons
  • It supports the AppleScript Command 
  • MacWise is compatible with updated macOS versions 
  • This software features a sharp memory
  • Users with older macOS versions have to install older versions of MacWise 


4. iTerm2

iTerm2 is a free MobaXterm alternative for Mac and can easily be used in place of the Terminal on a Mac computer. 

Though this software comes with some useful features for developers and business persons, it is majorly focused on catering to the needs of bloggers. For instance, the iTerm2 software comes with a feature highlighting all the exact words used in a document. This is especially helpful for writers and bloggers searching for keywords in their writing pieces. 

Another impressive feature of iTerm2 is that it allows users to copy and paste anything they want just with the use of shortcut keys. Selecting and assigning the shortcut keys is another process that is made more accessible by this software. 

To select a shortcut command, you must choose a Hotkey and register it as a shortcut within the software. 

One thing you need to be mindful of if you want to download and install this software terminal on your Mac device is that your Mac computer should be running on the macOS 10.12 or later version. 

Pros Cons
  • It can replace the Terminal on a Mac computer 
  • iTerm2 comes with many features for bloggers 
  • Assigning shortcut keys is pretty hassle-free on this program 
  • You cannot download this software on devices with operating systems lower than macOS 10.12 
  • It doesn’t have many features for developers 


5. Royal TSX 

Another MobaXterm alternative for Mac that has been receiving a lot of love and appreciation from Mac users is Royal TSX. Some of the features of this software that make it better than a lot of other options available in the market include its built-in credential management system and the team-sharing feature it comes with. 

Using Royal TSX, Mac users will be able to share numerous connections without having to put their personal credentials out there. 

One exciting feature of this software terminal that makes task management a lot more hassle-free free is the automation of the repetitive tasks on the program. The fact that this can be done through the use of command and key sequence tasks makes it even more likable. 

Another perk of using the Royal TSX alternative for your Mac computer is the exceptional security you get, as it comes with a safe and highly secure gateway through integrated support for SSH-based tunneling. 

With Royal TSX, you can manage the documents that have been opened by numerous users at once and can even sync the changes in these documents. To top it all off, you won’t even have to use a SQL database for this synchronization.  

Pros Cons
  • It is highly secure and safe 
  • This software comes with a built-in credential management system 
  • It features a tabbed user interface 
  • The initial setup of the program is a little confusing 



How We Made The List? 

While making the list of the best MobaXterm alternatives for Mac in the market, we didn’t just randomly pick the apps. There were numerous factors we kept in mind while shortlisting the best apps for you. This was to ensure that the apps you finally get to choose from are all equally good. 

Here are some of the things we paid heed to while making our list of the best MobaXterm alternatives for Mac in the market: 

  • Speed 

The first thing we considered while choosing the best MobaXterm alternatives for Mac to be included in our list is their speed. MobaXterm is known for its exceptional speed, and as we were looking for options that could take its place in the Mac computer, speed was something we couldn’t compromise on. 

Moreover, considering that the options we will list here for you are going to determine the interface and functioning of your Mac device, it’s crucial to ensure that you don’t have to wait for long hours to see the software terminal on render. 

  • Price 

Although numerous MobaXterm alternatives for Mac are available for free, these free tools fail to provide you with the excellence and performance you want for your Mac computer. 

But it still isn’t worth spending hundreds of dollars on a configuration terminal, so we made sure to include only those paid tools in our list that feature one-time payments, and you can use them for the rest of your life. 

  • Interface 

After thorough research, one thing we noticed about the MobaXterm alternatives in the market for Mac is that their interface is generally a little complicated. Though there were apps that featured simple designs and were easy to interpret, these were hard to find. 

As these MobaXterm alternatives for Mac are actually meant to facilitate your working on your Mac computer, it’s crucial to go for the options that don’t confuse you, and you can successfully add or remove the plugins on your device. 

Although it took us a lot of time, we managed to pick most of the best alternatives for you in the market with a simple and user-friendly interface. 

  • Number of Sessions 

This was another critical factor we paid heed to as eventually; you need your software terminal to save the previous as well as current sessions. MobaXterm can supposedly hold 12 sessions. 

Keeping this in mind, we made sure to include only those alternatives on our list that can save a large number of sessions. While reading through the alternatives we have elaborated on above, you will find that some of these programs allow you to switch between these sessions easily. 


Final Thoughts – 5 Best Mobaxterm Alternatives for Mac In 2023! 

So, here you have the list of the 5 best MobaXterm alternatives for Mac in the market, along with their pros and cons. Hopefully, this guide will make it easier for you to decide on one alternative that can cater to all your needs. 

One thing we would recommend you to be mindful of is that the option you choose perfectly matches your requirements. To save yourself from any regrets in the future, it’s best to make a list of all your requirements before setting your mind on one alternative. 

We hope you find the perfect alternative for your needs. 


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