UltraViewer Alternatives for Mac

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UltraViewer is a remote access and screen-sharing software that allows you to connect to computers remotely. You can easily access any computer located anywhere and make changes to it. It is a popular tool among IT people for remote troubleshooting and support. However, it may not be the best fit for everyone.

One disadvantage of Ultraviewer is that it lacks critical features, such as mobile support and comprehensive customer service. Additionally, some users may find it challenging to navigate the software. 

If you are looking for alternative options for remote access on your Mac, better options are available on the market. In this guide, I will discuss some of the best alternatives to UltraViewer for Mac. Let’s get going. 


Best UltraViewer Alternatives for Mac 2023

Platform Starting Price Free Trial
TeamViewer Free, $34.90/month 14-day business trial
AnyDesk $14.90/month Business trial
NoMachine $44.50/year 30 days
RemotePC $18.38/year 7 days
Remote Desktop Manager $299.99/year 30 days
ScreenLeap Free. $15/month
LogMeIn Pro $349.99/year 14 days


1. TeamViewer

Without a surprise, the first one on the list is TeamViewer, the best desktop-sharing software. It’s one of the most used remote access and screen-sharing platforms that allows you to connect and control computers remotely. It is a lightweight and easy-to-use software, offering several features such as screen recording, file transfer, cross-platform support, etc.

  • You can access multiple displays simultaneously and help troubleshoot common issues.
  • Share your computer screen with team members, friends, etc.
  • No installation or setup is required to use TeamViewer.
  • You can share Wi-Fi within the office or with your friends. 
  • It helps you access and control remote unattended computers. 


2. AnyDesk

AnyDesk is a fast and secure remote desktop platform that allows you to access and control computers remotely from your Mac. It uses a low-latency network protocol to provide seamless and responsive remote access. Whether you need a screen-sharing tool for personal use or your business needs, AnyDeak is perfect for both. 

  • It allows multiple users to access a computer simultaneously, making it perfect for group projects.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to install on low-spec computers. 
  • It protects your privacy by using aliases. You can connect to a remote computer without disclosing your details, such as your email ID. 
  • Most of the features can be used without registration. 
  • It supports two-factor authentication for better security. 
  • You can share your desktop screen, access an unattended computer, and more. 


3. NoMachine

NoMachine offers a comprehensive range of solutions, allowing users to securely and efficiently access remote desktops. The software is perfect for IT professionals or businesses of any size. It enables control and management of remote access to any computer, regardless of the operating system.

NoMachine is designed to accommodate individuals and businesses and is flexible enough to adapt to any infrastructure or scalability requirements. Best of all, it’s completely free to use. 

  • It uses in-house NX protocol to provide a seamless user experience while using graphics-sensitive programs.
  • You can play and edit audio and video files remotely on a Windows or Mac. 
  • You can allow guests to view or access your desktop by sharing a code. High-security protocols protect the connection.
  • You can access and control a remote desktop from any location using an HTML-enabled browser without additional client-side software.
  • It has a screen recording feature with auto-recording for remote sessions that you can monitor later. 
  • You can use the NoMachine cloud server to create a centralized access point for remote desktops. 


4. RemotePC

RemotePC is software that enables users to remotely access and control the computers and servers from any device with an internet connection. The tool uses a secure connection to transmit data between host and remote computers. It allows users to access files, applications, and desktops remotely.

It also includes additional functionalities such as file transfer, remote printing, rebooting, and locking. With many applications, RemotePC can be used for IT support, remote work, and online collaborations.

  • You can configure your computer for remote access to control it whenever you want. 
  • Just one code is required to give/take control of a remote device.
  • You can watch multiple monitors of a remote computer on a single screen. 
  • It allows you to reboot the remote computer, print documents remotely, and even control the computers from your smartphone.
  • It supports multi-user access, so a group of people can access the same computer and files. 
  • Easy drag-drop file transfer, chat between remote devices, screen recording, and more. 


5. Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager, a product from Devolutions, is specifically designed for IT teams. It supports essential screen sharing and remote access features. The platform also uses advanced technologies, including access control tools, password management, and protocols. 

Remote Desktop Manager consolidates all remote connections into one platform that is securely shared among users and accessible by the whole team. The application integrates various tools and managers to meet the needs of IT teams, and most connections are established through external libraries or third-party software.

  • You can save all your passwords safely in a centralized location that you can access from anywhere. 
  • It keeps your connection secure from external attacks by implementing various security measures such as two-factor verification, role-based access control, and account brokering.
  • Connect to multiple remote devices and access safely from a single location.
  • This tool is fully optimized and packed with features for technical support teams. 
  • It allows you to create templates for easy administrative management. 
  • You can perform regular audits and generate customized reports based on your requirements. 


6. ScreenLeap

ScreenLeap is a collaboration tool that allows you to share your screen without needing any software installations. Guests can access the shared screen from any web-enabled device, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. Additionally, it allows for viewer collaboration and can capture viewer information for follow-up.

  • You will experience minimal delay and high-quality screen sharing, regardless of the number of viewers.
  • You can set up meetings between devices without installing any third-party software.
  • Using the built-in video conferencing feature, you can share your webcam feed with your viewers. 
  • There is no need to install any software to access remote computers. Any device with a web browser and internet connection will work. 
  • You can give access to your screen to guests to point out things on your computer. 
  • You can record and share the recordings of your meetings/video conferencing. 


7. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is a remote access software that allows users to remotely access and control other computers and servers through their Mac devices. It provides features such as file transfer, screen sharing and recording, remote printing, and more.

It is primarily targeted at professionals and businesses. IT professionals and enterprises can effectively troubleshoot, support, and collaborate with their clients and employees.

  • You can access your files and data on multiple computers.
  • It allows you to print your documents remotely, making it a good option for people working from home. 
  • It comes with 1TB of storage for your files.
  • You can open websites on other computers remotely. 
  • It has a suspicious login alert mechanism that notifies you when someone tries to access a restricted computer. 
  • The password management system allows you to log in to your accounts on multiple devices.


Final Word

These are just a few of the many alternatives to UltraViewer for Mac. Each of these tools offers unique features and capabilities, so it is worth considering a few different options to find the one that best meets your needs.


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