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Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in a new report that the number of iPhones made in India is expected to increase next year. However, the analyst suggested it is the opposite for iPhone production in China, especially the volume handled by Foxconn, with one of its site productions expected to dip by 85%.

The news is part of Kuo’s latest revelation about the growing iPhone manufacturing business in India. In 2023, the analyst claimed that India now owns 12 to 14% of iPhone shipments sent globally, with Foxconn responsible for 75 to 80% of the iPhone production in the country.

Complementing that is the expected growth of India-made iPhones in 2024, with Kuo noting the figures could range from 20 to 25%. This reflects past reports about Apple’s plan to boost iPhone production in the country by up to 25% at an unspecified time, as claimed by India’s trade minister.

Apple, another success story,” India Minister of Commerce & Industry Piyush Goyal said in January. “They are already at about 5-7% of their manufacturing in India. If I am not mistaken, they are targeting to go up to 25% of their manufacturing. They launched the most recent models from India, manufactured in India.”

On the other hand, Kuo claimed that two of Foxconn’s sites in China would decrease their production volumes. According to Kuo, this will hit the giant’s factories in Zhengzhou and Taiyuan, which will experience a 35 to 45% and a 75 to 85% drop. The analyst pointed out that part of this dip could be explained by Apple’s growing iPhone order allocation for Luxshare, adding the improved production line automation of the Chinese manufacturer is aiding it in its production.

The details follow news about Apple’s plan to move away from China, which is encouraging its citizens to embrace local products and technology over foreign ones. In September, the country’s government reportedly banned the use of iPhones by government officials. The US called it an “inappropriate retaliation,” signaling the Western country’s continuous negative relationship with China.

Apparently, Apple is caught in the middle of the tension, forcing it to start moving some iPhone productions to India. However, a recent report claimed that it wouldn’t be easy for Apple, with the Chinese workforce having sufficient knowledge and skills to assemble many of Apple’s products.


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