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United Kingdom‘s Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) has decided to allow the mass lawsuit accusing Apple of concealing problematic batteries in iPhones to continue. This adds to the previous battery-related cases the iPhone maker faced in the past.

According to Reuters, the company tried to block the lawsuit but failed to get the approval of CAT on Wednesday. With this, the company would have to continuously deal with the issue being claimed, although the case has “a lack of clarity and specificity,” which needs to be addressed before trials. Consumer advocate Justin Gutmann is pushing the case, which Apple described as “baseless.”

The lawsuit accuses Apple of hiding faulty batteries in millions of iPhones. According to the report, the case claims that the company does it by “throttling” the batteries using software updates. The Cupertino giant is reportedly camouflaging the problem in certain iPhone models, adding it “surreptitiously” installed a power management tool to limit performances. 

This follows another battery-related case Apple faced. In August, it was reported that eligible Apple customers affected by the $500 million batterygate controversy lawsuit could receive compensation, estimated to be about $65 per claim. The lawsuit started in late 2016 when users reported experiencing unexpected device shutdowns after an OS update from Apple. Users then accused the tech giant of advertently causing iPhone performance slowdown due to their old batteries, resulting in different lawsuits filed against Apple. 


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