[FIXED] Xbox Controller Keeps Switching to Player 2 PC
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When Xbox first released the Xbox 360 controller way back in 2005, gamers worldwide were thrilled about it. This is because the controller comes with flexible features to give you the best possible gaming experience. 

Moreover, you can use this on both wireless and wired formats on the PC, which has received a lot of praise. However, a few issues might trouble you, like the controller getting stuck on the Player 2 mode on PC.

This might not seem like such a severe problem, but once this happens, you will not be able to access the wide range of interesting in-game features designed for Player 1.

If you are facing this issue with your Xbox 360 controller, make sure to read through these four troubleshooting methods to help you switch back to Player 1 mode.

Method #1: Run the Troubleshooter for the Xbox 360 Controller

One of the simplest methods to fix this problem is using the troubleshooter to help identify the issue and solve it. If you use your controller on a Windows PC, you can try to rectify it with this method.

  • Navigate to the search box and search for the “Control Panel app.” 
  • Alter your view settings to search by category, find the “Hardware and Sound section,” and select “View Devices and Printers.”
  • In this section, you will find several connected Windows devices. Navigate to the Xbox 360 controller and right-click it to open the pop-up menu.
  • Select the “Troubleshoot” option from this menu and start the process.
  • Once the troubleshooting begins, you will need to wait for a few minutes for the operation to finish. During this process, you will identify all the underlying issues.
  • Once the operation is completed, you will receive one of the two messages. If it says “Device may have stopped responding,” you can switch your controller from Player 1 to Player 2 mode.
  • If you receive the “Xbox 360 controller stuck on Player 2 PC,” you can try the other methods. 

Method #2: Disconnect and Reconnect the Controller

If you have tried the first method with no luck, you can try and remove a controller driver to help reconnect your controller.

  • Navigate to the “Control Panel app” and select the “Hardware and Sound” section. From here, select the “View Devices and Printers” option.
  • On this page, you will be able to see “Xbox 360 controllers for Windows” along with the “Xbox 360 Wireless controllers”. Right-click on the first option and remove the device if you see this.
  • Once you have deleted your controller, disconnect the “Player 2” controller.
  • Next, try and reconnect the controller. This should help you switch back to “Player 1” mode. However, if your controller is still stuck on “Player 2” mode, try the following method.

Method #3: Restart and Search for Your Xbox Controller

While the above methods have been successful for some users, some have claimed that restarting their computer and immediately looking for the controller has helped. Here’s how you can try this method.

  • Connect your Xbox 360 controller to your computer and keep it connected.
  • Navigate to the “Start” menu to find the “Power” icon to open the pop-up menu. 
  • Choose the “Restart” option and give it a few minutes to reboot.
  • Once your system has rebooted, start looking for the connected Xbox 360 controller while the lights are blinking.
  • If this is done right, your Xbox controller will now have switched from “Player 2” to “Player 1” mode on your Windows 10 PC.

Method #4: Update to the Latest Microsoft Software

As you may already know, Microsoft regularly creates and releases various updates to help digital systems keep up. 

Luckily, these updates come with several updated patches and drivers that might be your fix to the Xbox controller Player 2 problems. Here’s how you can upgrade and update your software to fix your issue.

  • Navigate to the search box, look for the “Check For Update” option, and click on the top result.
  • Find the “Settings” option and navigate to the right panel to find the “Check For Update” option.
  • Click on this to start installing the new updates if there are any available for your computer.
  • Once your system has fully rebooted, check if your Xbox 360 controller has switched from “Player 2” to “Player 1” mode.


Parting Thoughts

Whether gaming is your lifestyle or just a stress reliever, you need an excellent controller to have the best gaming experience. And if you are a Microsoft user, your best option will automatically be the Xbox 360 controller. 

Undoubtedly, this control has gained a lot of positive recognition for its versatile features. 

However, it still has a few drawbacks, like the “Player 2” mode problems. If you face this issue with your controller, make sure to try the troubleshooting steps as mentioned above, and you can quickly get back to gaming at your best on “Player 1” mode. 

Good luck!


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