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The Xbox Series X, which was released a year ago, included a slew of new capabilities and hardware. Many gamers may ask if they can use the newer Xbox Series X controller with older consoles, which might be confusing.

Your new console has arrived, and you’ve already unpacked it. The controller is the first thing you notice when you open the console. Your hands will love the fresh, gleaming finish and the updated, more sensitive buttons.

This raises the question: Is my new controller compatible with my older Xbox One? While the controllers haven’t changed much in terms of design, the Xbox Series X controller has a few new functions and upgrades that can improve the overall gameplay.

Older Xbox One systems can use the Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller, and any Xbox One controller can be used with the X and S. If you have an Xbox One and an Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller, you’ll benefit from the better ergonomics of the D-Pad and the built-in Share button, while Xbox One controllers laying around can make local multiplayer on Xbox Series X|S even simpler.

Backward and forward compatible

Microsoft also introduced a new and improved Xbox Wireless Controller when the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were released to help usher in a new generation of console gaming. Even while the Xbox DNA is still quite strong, the new controller has a variety of little upgrades that add up to a significant upgrade.

Microsoft has also made sure that the new Xbox Wireless Controller (and other peripherals) make it easy for players to upgrade, continuing its focus on game preservation. In addition to the new Xbox Series X or S consoles, this controller is entirely compatible with prior Xbox systems, such as the Xbox One and One S. Built-in Bluetooth allows the new controllers to work with PCs, tablets, and smartphones running Android or iOS.

With the new Xbox Wireless Controller for Xbox One, you’ll get a better gaming experience than you would with a normal Xbox One controller.

Share button and other improvements

Despite its familiar appearance, the Xbox Series X|S Wireless Controller from Microsoft features several significant improvements. Xbox One’s new wireless controller has a more rounded form for smaller hands, better grips on the handles and bumpers, and a new D-pad that is delightfully clicky and well-suited to a wide range of game genres. The new Xbox One wireless controller is available now.

As a bonus feature, you can now share screenshots or video clips with a single click of the new “Share button.” With the release of the Xbox Wireless Controller, it has become increasingly crucial to be able to share games with others.

Micro-USB charging ports have finally been replaced by universal USB Type-C ports in the new Xbox Wireless Controller. Because of this, many of the greatest smartphones, tablets, laptops, headphones, and other devices may be powered by the same wire as the Xbox Wireless Controller. The new Xbox Wireless Controller is an amazing follow-up to an already fantastic controller, with enhanced cross-device connection, higher build quality, the Xbox Design Lab, and other features and upgrades.

Even if you’re intending to upgrade to an Xbox Series X|S, the new Xbox Wireless Controller is one of the best Xbox controllers on the market.


How do you enable 120 Hz mode on your Xbox Series X?

Both the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles offer 120 Hz video output when connected to a display that is capable of supporting it. While this results in more fluid animations and improved performance in fast-paced situations, the feature is not turned on automatically.

To play at 120 frames per second, you must first enable the setting in the game’s options and then launch the game.

Why do you want 120 Hz mode?

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never had the pleasure of using a high refresh rate PC display. Remember that the refresh rate of the majority of displays, including your TV, is limited to 60 times per second. That’s why last-generation consoles were limited to 60 FPS, whereas the newest Xbox Series X and S are capable of running at 120 FPS.

Because of HDMI 2.1’s ability to support 120 Hz at 4K resolution, as well as the additional power provided by the new AMD chips inside, this is possible. Instead of playing in 4K, you’ll need a monitor or TV with an HDMI 2.0 or 2.1 port and the ability to display at 120 frames per second.

Here’s how to see if your Xbox Series X supports 120 Hz and how to enable it.

  • Start your Xbox.
  • Use LB or RB to get to the Profile & System tab after pressing the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Scroll down to Settings and fill out the form.
  • Scroll down to TV & Display Options, then to General.
  • On this screen, click 4K TV Details. This will display a list of all the modes that your TV supports and that the Xbox can display. Green tickmarks should be present on every mode that describes 120 Hz.
  • Return to the TV & Display Options menu if your TV is supported.
  • Select 120 Hz from the drop-down selection under Refresh Rate.
  • Wait for your television to reload. You’ll be fine if you look at the picture again. If it went to a black screen, your TV isn’t supported, and if you wait a few seconds, it will return to 60 Hz.
  • Select Video Fidelity & Overscan on the same screen, then open the Color Depth drop-down menu.
  • You’d like to go with 30 bits per pixel (10-bit). Yes, your TV may be capable of 12-bit resolution, but the Xbox will only support 120 Hz at 4K when configured to 10-bit with full RGB (4:4:4).


Final Verdict

Microsoft has made no secret of its goal to maintain backward compatibility across all of its products. And this isn’t just true for video games, but also for hardware. Backward compatibility and Xbox One support are included in the Xbox Series X controller.

Some of the extra features can also be used with older versions of the software. A new middle-positioned share button has been added to the new controller. As soon as you press a button, you’ll be able to take a screenshot or a video of your current state of play. You’ll be producing a sniper montage in no time with your 360 no-scopes, so get them ready now! Yes, this feature is supported on the Xbox One as well.

If you want to play couch co-op with friends and family on Xbox One or just want to try out the new controller experience on some of your older Xbox One titles, the Xbox Series X controller can meet all of your demands, no matter which console you are playing on.

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