Does AT&T Support Gizmo Watch?

Does AT&T Support Gizmo Watch?

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Before we get to that question, let us clarify what a Gizmowatch is. A Gizmowatch is a child-tracking smartwatch for tracking smartphone usage, location tracking, and a lot more. It is designed to help parents easily monitor their children’s virtual activities and set limits.

A Gizmowatch is manufactured and owned by Verizon, one of the most popular network carriers in the U.S.

Now, coming to the question, “does AT&T support Gizmowatch?” the answer to that is NO! AT&T does not support Gizmowatch. This is because Gizmowatch is strictly supported by only Verizon compatible and Verizon utilizing smartphones and therefore can not be used on AT&T.


Do AT&T Offer A Smartwatch for Kids?

AT&T does not currently support any children’s smartwatches and does not appear to be planning to do so in the near future. The FiLIP 2 was the only watch phone for children at the time, but it was later discontinued.

What Was FiLIP 2?

Filip Technologies began selling its FiLIP 2 smartphone at AT&T retail locations and online at For a limited time, FiLIP 2 was offered at a promotional price of $99.99. FiLIP 2 was available for $10 per month as a standalone plan or as an add-on to a Mobile Share Value plan.

Wearable, voice-activated smart locator for children ages 4-11, FiLIP 2 was the next generation of the FiLIP smart locator. Real-world testing had led to new design elements that improve the app’s overall usability for parents while also extending the device’s screen’s life expectancy.

Limited two-way voice calls and the ability to receive text messages from designated contacts were provided by AT&T for FiLIP 2, which is the only network provider. Parents can program the device to store up to five phone numbers that their children can use to contact them, and they can also send a text message to those numbers to let them know they’re on their way to carpool or that dinner is ready.

When a child enters or exits a designated SafeZone, a notification is sent to the parent. The FiLIP 2’s new features include:

The FiLIP 2 wristband design was based on real-world play by kids while maintaining the iconic look of the original device. Children would have found it easier to wear because it had a more natural wrist shape and greater flexibility.

FiLIP 2’s optional size spacers allowed children to wear their wristbands open or closed, allowing them to grow into the right size for them.

FiLIP 2 had a more durable, encased screen to better withstand children’s physical playstyles. This helped reduce the likelihood of accidental breakage.

FiLIP was be available in Superhero Blue when it launches. Alternatively, you could purchase accessory bands in Awesome Orange and Limesicle Green so that your child can mix and match the spacer color options.

The new FiLIP 2 apps for iOS and Android had an improved user interface and an easier, more intuitive setup process, in addition to the significant updates found within FiLIP 2. Launch-day updates for iOS and Android users were both scheduled for the same time frame. All of the previous app’s functionality for controlling the FiLIP was included in these apps.

In terms of fitness, smart locators, and smartwatches, AT&T had a wide variety of devices to choose from.


What Smartwatches Are Supported By AT&T (and Can You Be Used For Child Monitoring)?

Despite the fact that AT&T does not currently offer a GPS watch for children, the company does support a number of other devices that can be worn by children. Even though these smartwatches are marketed toward adults, you can buy one for an older child if you so desire.

Apple Watch 3

This appears to be the most popular choice for Apple users. If you’re looking for something that’s both stylish and functional, this is the best option for you and your child.

Whenever they receive an email or a message, it will notify them and keep in touch with you. It’s also a great motivator for your child to work out a little more, as they can count their steps and monitor their health with this device.

Pricing for the 38mm watch (currently the smallest on the market) includes a 10-dollar monthly payment option or the $299 full retail price.

4G LTE support is built in and it is compatible with a number of other carriers, including AT&T, C Spire, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon Wireless.

The short battery life appears to be the only drawback.

Apple Watch Series 5

Compared to the previous generation, the new Apple Watch 5 is significantly better. Most features are the same, but it’s faster, and it’s excellent for keeping track of your steps and workouts. The 40 mm plan costs $16.67 a month on a monthly basis.

Additionally, it has built-in 4G LTE connectivity, just like the Apple Watch 3’s built-in 4G LTE.

This time around, the battery life appears to be lacking, but there are those who argue that it has improved since the Apple Watch 3.

Although the size was a problem for some adults (mainly males), it shouldn’t be an issue for your child.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Even though it’s a little dated, this fitness tracker from Samsung still has a lot to offer. The phone supports LTE and 4G networks and comes with a $10 monthly payment plan to get you up and running. In addition to AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are supported.

Several people had difficulty keeping their phones connected. This device’s battery life appears to be mediocre at best.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Kids will love this one because it’s small enough to fit on their wrists. Using the call function, your child can communicate with you in a clear and easy-to-use manner. The 40mm model costs $14.34 per month. As previously mentioned, it is compatible with LTE and 4G networks from the carriers listed above, as well as USC.

As a result, notifications, phone calls, and other features were sometimes out of sync.


Why Is Verizon GizmoWatch 2 A Great Smartwatch For Kids?

GizmoWatch 2 is a new smartwatch specifically made for children aged between 3 to 11 that tracks their activity. It aids parents in monitoring their child’s whereabouts in real-time because of the LTE abilities on Verizon’s network and the phone’s GPS.

It is our editors’ choice for families with kids of all ages owing to two main reasons. First, for just $99, you can enjoy LTE connectivity which typically starts from $10 per month. Plus, as compared to the first model, you enjoy a brighter screen.

If you take a look at the watch carefully, it resembles Apple Watch – 1.4-inch touch screen with rounded corners and a rubbery pink or blue strap are what make it amazing. The screen’s pixel density of 303 pixels per inch makes it vibrant and colorful. Also, in thickness terms, the watch is 0.53 inches wide and weighs 1.95 pounds. Altogether, the watch is great, compact, and comfortable to wear.

The watch comes with a RAM of 4GB, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500, and a 500mAh battery that Verizon says can last up to four days with the usual amount of use. The battery life underwent a 24-hour test, and the result was above 50%.

Rated IP67, the GizmoWatch 2 can withstand a depth of 3.2 feet of water immersion.

For charging, you need to align the gold charging contacts at the back of the watch with four small gold pins on the charger. Since the attachment is magnetic, you can easily use the charger.

The parents and caregivers can install the GizmoHub App (available on iOS and Android) to set up and control the watch while it’s powered. To create an account with this app, you have to simply enter your name with your email address.

After the watch is completely charged, switch it on and stand by till Verizon’s network connects. With help from the app’s QR code, you can follow the instructions to connect your watch. Now that your child’s GizmoWatch 2 is connected, you’ll be prompted to add their phone number to your contacts. This is something that’s highly recommended for quick access to your child’s number.

From here on, you are allowed to work on location alerts, daily step goals, or a to-do list for your child. The app further allows you to turn off the device remotely and schedule quiet times for when the device shows incoming calls but does not ring.

For more security, you can go ahead and come up with a four-digit PIN for GizmoHub. Your child’s location will only be visible when the PIN entered is correct in your app on the phone. So, keep the PIN a secret to avoid trouble.

The watch starts when you press either of the buttons present on the side or by tapping the screen. You will see the time and date exhibited on the main screen. The watch’s user interface is pleasantly appealing and simple to grasp.

Check-In, Clock Faces, and Ringtones are all available in the watch by swiping down from the uppermost part of the clock face. You will receive on your phone an alert highlighting the location and time when your kid presses the Check-in button. You can also access Gadgets, Fun activities, and Settings by swiping left and right from your clock face.

Plus, your child can also access the to-do list, set alarms, and use a stopwatch with a timer in the watch. Parents can further make use of the app to come up with tasks and schedule them that will appear in the to-do app. Tasks can be programmed to repeat on a weekly, monthly, or daily basis. You can also create one-time tasks.

Fun activities mentioned feature a Kangaroo-jumping game and an app that makes funny sounds. With the timer ticking down, each level of the game gets difficult, and your kids must be able to jump at a particular time to progress.

There is also a voice changer that allows your child to record a message and hear it again in the voice of a robot, squirrel, or monster, among other things. Also, the recording can be shared with others.

Some more fun activity consists of a step counter which parents are supposed to activate with the app’s help. Remember, though, Verizon warns doing this minimizes battery life.

A daily step goal can be created for your child with a message of motivation for them to see when they achieve that goal. You can also add a step goal and write a message of encouragement for them to see when they reach it.


How Does GizmoWatch Prepare The Kids For Smartphone Usage?

You want your child to have fun while keeping their safety in mind when it comes to using a smartphone. Being able to stay in touch with family and friends while also allowing children to spend time on their smartphones has many advantages. If they are ready for the next step, however, it is not always clear. The GizmoWatch can help your child prepare for a safe and productive connected experience in the following ways:

2-way voice calls and messaging.

Teach your kids how to use social media in a responsible way while maintaining control over who they communicate with. To ensure maximum uptime, the GizmoWatch connects to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

While your child is at the park, participating in after-school activities, or visiting the grandparents, stay in touch with them via phone or email. It’s easy for your child to let you know they’re okay with the GizmoHub app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. You’ll always know who your child is contacting thanks to the option to add up to ten friends, family members, and trusted guardians as contacts.

Managed screen time.

Maintaining contact during times when your child is in class or working on homework—or even getting ready for bed—is critical. Using the GizmoHub app, you can turn the GizmoWatch off or change its settings when you don’t want your child to be distracted.

Use Auto-Answer or Quiet Mode to ensure that your calls are answered after ten seconds. You can remotely control settings and show your child when and how to use their device by using the GizmoHub app’s monitoring features.

Real-time GPS.

Nothing is more important to a parent than the safety of their children. A quick GizmoWatch check-in is all that’s needed the next time your child visits a friend or walks down the street. Using the GizmoHub app on your phone, tablet, or another connected device, you can keep tabs on your children’s whereabouts while teaching them the value of independence. Allow your children to be curious while still enforcing reasonable limits. You can limit how far and where your child can go before an automated alert is sent by customizing the GPS parameters.

All of the features on the GizmoWatch are geared toward keeping your child safe. Incorporate fun and encouraging fitness goals into your daily routine with the help of the watch’s display. The GizmoWatch is a fun and safe smartwatch for the whole family that’s waterproof and built to last.


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