[FIXED] AT&T Internet Keeps Dropping
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In an age that has adopted digitalization to an extent that almost everything has gone virtual, having a glitchy internet connection can be quite annoying.

AT&T is one of the major network providers and a huge number of people in the U.S. use AT&T internet owing to its reliability.

However, there could be problems even with AT&T. This brings us to the question, “Is your AT&T internet dropping?”

In the specifics of this article, we shall discuss how you can fix AT&T internet connection dropping issue and a lot more.


Fix 1: Look at your Wireless Smartphones and Electronic Devices

One of the reasons that lead to irregular connectivity issues with the Wi-FI is some kind of trouble with your cordless phone or another type of electrical gadget.

The frequency that is utilized by wireless systems of phones is usually similar to that utilized by DSL modems of 2.4GHz and networking routers.

If you have a problem linking to the internet via AT&T, you might like to consider updating your wireless smartphone to one that works on different frequencies.

Fix 2: Large Objects and Electrical Equipment Interference

It is a universally known fact that large devices of electronics, like Televisions, and microwaves, can interfere with the capacity to link to the internet. For this reason, it is suggested that you keep such things away from your DSL modem as well as the cordless networking router to achieve a strong signal.

Fix 3: Check If People Around You Are On The Same Frequency

It is likely that the frequency of your network and your neighbor’s wireless network are the same. If that’s the case, you may want to think about changing the channel of your wireless connection that operates on a different frequency.

Fix 4: Avoid Physical Obstructions

Physical obstructions such as walls and floors through which wireless signals pass interfere with them. In a situation like this, it is best to examine the chances of changing the location of your modem of DSL or router to a location where it won’t be asked to face such hindrances.

Fix 5: Replace The Phone Jack

There are chances that the jack of your phone you are supposedly using is damaged or not functioning properly. If that is the scenario, you will be required to utilize another phone jack for connecting the modem to the line of the phone.

If you find out the earlier phone jack can no longer produce unwanted noise, it means that it is impaired and needs to be changed at the earliest. In most situations, the reason behind frequent loss of connection is an intrusion from either physical or other electrical sources.

Fix 6: Keep an Eye on the Phone Cord of RJ-11

In some cases, the phone core of RJ-11, a part of the device that connects your modem to the socket of the phone, may be damaged and needs fixing.

If the cord is 14 feet long, there is a high chance that the signal will become weakened, which can lead to signal loss occasionally.

Fix 7: Check the DSL Filters

Except for the DSL modem, all phone-related devices should have installed DSL filters. Even if the specific line is not sharing a connection with your DSL hardware, you must place a spare DSL filter if there is more than one line of phone entering your house or business place. The reason is various phone lines can cause issues in your  DSL.

Fix 8: Ringing of Phone Blocks DSL Service

Whenever your phone rings and you notice that it disrupts your DSL, it means that a phone present in your office does not have a different DSL filter placed between it and the wall jack. You can determine this by unplugging the phone from the wall jack and enquiring wires behind.

Fix 9: Consider the Wiring of Phone

Some instances could cause the wiring inside your phone to become impaired, resulting in the loss of DSL signal. If that is the situation, it is significantly implied that you call a professional to investigate your phone’s wiring.

With the following remedies stated above, you can rectify the troubles with your AT&T internet network falling. In most scenarios, this could be feasible. However, if the problem continues to arise despite the remedies, you should contact AT&T for help.


Why is Your Wi-Fi of AT&T Not Functioning?

A wide range of circumstances can be responsible for your AT&T’s Wi-Fi problems. Your network’s reliability can be majorly affected by various reasons, involving but not fixed to frail Wi-Fi signals, broken hardware, and service interruptions. Below are all the potential reasons why your Wi-FI of AT&T might not be operating properly.

Outages of Service

AT&T, because of its large customer base, will keep increasing the quality of its operations and functions of its network. However, your connection will face certain issues owing to these scheduled frequent updates. So, it is best to keep oneself updated by following their social media channel, where information related to their services is posted.

Frail Signal of Wi-Fi

The chances of you facing connection issues are high if you’re using your device at a distance from your AT&T router. For outdoor routers, the typical range is twenty meters, but some advanced routers have an extended range of up to 150 meters.

Your signal’s strength may also be impacted because of the frequency of your connection. For instance, while a frequency of 2.4GHz is comparatively more stable than 5GHz that needs the device to be closer to the router to function effectively.

Poor Environment of Router

If your Wi-Fi is in the constant presence of microwaves, Bluetooth devices, CCTVs, and other routers, it will not be able to properly share the signals with your device. This can even cause your routers to malfunction as the listed devices compete with them and minimize the force of the Wi-Fi signals.

Even things like huge walls or mesh screens can cause the signal of Wi-Fi to become weak, resulting in hindrances.

Damaged Wi-Fi Router

After usage over time, your router can suffer hardware damage, especially when it hasn’t been upgraded. To avoid such an issue, you need to get in touch with AT&T’s Customer Support if you’ve been facing issues with connectivity for a while.

AT&T will offer you a free replacement if you have damaged or outdated equipment.


How to Fix AT&T Wi-Fi that Keeps Disconnecting?

If your AT&T Wi-Fi connection frequently disconnects, here are a few typical methods you can do to fix the problem. It’s important to try each remedy to see which one works best for your specific situation.

Fix #1: Check All Connections on your Router

The first step is to make sure that all of your router’s network cables are connected properly. Check to see that they are all connected and working correctly. A good rule of thumb is to replace obsolete network cables because they might have a significant impact on network performance.

The power adapter should also be inspected for signs of wear and strain. When your router isn’t getting enough power, disconnections can arise.

Fix #2: Power Cycle your AT&T Router

Wi-Fi difficulties might be solved by restarting or power cycling your router. Your router and all existing connections are reset, eliminating the flaws that are creating this issue.

  • For AT&T routers, the procedure is as follows:
  • Unplug the router’s power cord from the outlet and turn it off.
  • In order for the router to lose some of its power, wait for twenty seconds. Remove the internal battery if it has one.
  • After a few minutes, reconnect the router’s power cord and, if necessary, insert the router’s internal battery.
  • Turn on your router and see if your smartphone can connect to it.
  • Try surfing the web to determine if your internet connection is working properly.

Fix #3: Relocate your Wi-Fi Router

Ideally, you should move your router to a central, unobstructed place in your home if it is being interfered with by other equipment. That way, your router’s Wi-Fi signals will reach your device promptly.

A good rule of thumb is to keep your smartphone within a reasonable distance of the Wi-Fi router if possible. As a result, you won’t have any issues with connections on your smartphone.

Fix #4: Set a New IP Address for your Computer

The Command Prompt can be used to free up your Wi-Fi connection if you’re having problems connecting. When this is done, your computer uses a different IP address to share a connection with your Wi-Fi network.

Follow these steps to release and renew your current IP address:

  • By right-clicking the Admin icon, select Command Prompt from the Start menu.
  • Click on the checkbox next to the User Access Control dialog box.
  • Enter the command ipconfig/release in the Command Prompt window to deliver the IP address.
  • Run ipconfig/renew after the earlier Command has finished for a new IP address.
  • After closing the window, restart your computer, and the process is finished.
  • Ensure your connection to the Wi-Fi network and see if it is working better.


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