How to Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account?

How to Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account?
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When Yahoo! and AT&T formed a partnership, you may have had a consolidated account of your AT&T and Yahoo! email accounts. The password and inboxes were shared as a result of this merging.

Customers received notice that their email accounts would be separated later. MyAT&T and subscribers will no longer be able to use their Yahoo IDs to access these services beginning in mid-November 2017, according to an announcement made by AT&T on November 16.

Using this tutorial, you can determine whether or not your consolidated account has been separated. Learn how to separate your Yahoo mail from AT&T in this article.


What Happened To Yahoo AT&T Mail?

AT&T and Yahoo announced in June 2017 that they were ending their long-term partnership and shutting down their joint email service.

Both AT&T and Yahoo will be unable to use the other company’s servers as a result of the split.

In other words, the merged accounts can be undone at any time, and the passwords will not be changed as a result.

The following domains will prevent you from accessing your Yahoo account:


You’ll be unable to use a Tumblr account if you use an email address from one of these domains.

According to Yahoo, you’ll need to switch to an email client compatible with their system once the new version is released.


What Happened After The Unmerging Of AT&T and Yahoo?

After mid-November 2017, myAT&T users required to check in using their AT&T email instead of a Yahoo email. Thus, in order to access their AT&T email via myAT&T, a user must utilize their AT&T email address.

  • AT&T email accounts can only be accessed through using a user’s AT&T email address.
  • For a brief period of time, subscribers were able to access their combined email accounts using their Yahoo email address.

As of early December 2017, all AT&T and Yahoo Mail users were required to access their accounts individually because there were two distinct accounts available to them. And as a result of this transformation, the following things happened:

  • The password was unchanged from the one previously used by users.
  • Emails, contacts, calendars, and other information related to Yahoo services including Tumblr, Yahoo Sports, and Yahoo Groups were all gone from AT&T email accounts. The Yahoo Mail account was the only place where this information could be found.
  • It was now possible to change a user’s password for Yahoo Mail using the Yahoo Member Center.


How to Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account?

The following procedures will help you separate your Yahoo Mail and ATT email accounts once you’re aware of the effects of the merging and unmerging processes on your accounts.

  • Go to AT&T’s official website in a supported web browser on your computer. Once you’ve arrived at the site’s homepage, you’ll need to log in.
  • When you arrive at the Sign-in screen, you will be prompted to enter your AT&T login information.
  • Once you’ve logged in, go to the My ATT section in the top navigation bar and click on the Profile link.
  • The next step is to click on the Account Profile link under AT&T Email Accounts.
  • Go to the User Information tab in the Account Profile section and click on the Delete Account link to the right of the Member ID.
  • After then, you’ll have to wait for a short period of time. Select the OK button to confirm the deletion of the email when the Delete Email confirmation notification displays on the display.
  • Finally, you must log into your Yahoo mail account using the user ID and password that you already entered in step one.
  • Clicking on the Unmerge button provided in the lower-right corner of your Yahoo! Mail page is all that is required. As a result of this, you will be able to access your Yahoo mail account on its own.

How To Know If You Have A Merged AT&T and Yahoo Mail?

  • To begin, make certain that your accounts are linked together. Check to see if the following is true of you:
  • You can use both your AT&T and Yahoo email addresses to access your consolidated e-mail account.
  • Your Yahoo Mail and AT&T E-mail addresses can be used to access myAT.
  • Both your Yahoo Mail and AT&T E-mail accounts are receiving mail in your mailbox at the same time.
  • If you have an AT&T email account and a Yahoo Mail account, you can access both with the same password.
  • You are being diverted to the myAT&T page while attempting to reset your Yahoo password.
  • By resetting your account password, you’re updating the passwords for your Yahoo Mail and AT&T email accounts, respectively.


Will Your Data Be Deleted After Separating Yahoo Mail From Your AT&T Account?

Most of your data will be saved when the contract between Yahoo and AT&T expired, and the merged e-mail accounts will be unmerged.

While some content from your merged accounts will be kept, other content will be lost as a result of the split

Fortunately, AT&T has published a list of what’s in and what’s out of the new service.

Using your YahooID to sign in will allow you to access all of the emails, folders, and contacts from both of your merged accounts.

After the split, all of your Yahoo accounts combined with AT&T would have been independent of each other.

Your e-mails, contacts, and other data will also be preserved if you link any of these Yahoo accounts to subaccounts.

All AT&T-related emails, however, will be permanently erased.

Yahoo services like Yahoo Sports, Groups, and Tumblr’s e-mails, contacts, calendar, and information.

It would be transferred to your new Yahoo account and your AT&T account reactivated with a new number.


How To Create An AT&T Email Account?

You must first create an AT&T personal account in order to use their services. You can create an account using the login information you generate throughout the account creation process. An AT&T email account can be created in a matter of minutes. In a few minutes, you may set up an account by following the steps outlined below:

  • Use the AT&T internet account login information you received when you set up your account to log in to
  • Select “Internet” from the “MyAT&T” tab.
  • Keep scrolling until you reach the section for email accounts. Your email address was created when you signed up for a personal account. You should use that as your main email address. Select “Create/Manage Sub-Account” if you wish to create other addresses.
  • Add a sub-account by clicking “Add a Sub-Account”
  • To accept AT&T’s terms and conditions, click “Accept.”
  • Enter the new email address in the “Member ID” box.
  • Enter a new password in order to secure the email address.
  • To double-check your password, go to the “Confirm password” section and type it in one again. You can go to the next step if the two passwords you entered match. Rewrite the second password till it is identical to the first one if this does not help, and then try again.
  • Enter your name, address, and other personal information into the appropriate fields.
  • Select a security question and answer it.
  • Select two questions from a list of possible answers for the online security question.
  • When you’re finished, click “Save.”

You will be able to access the email service once your account has been successfully created. You’re already halfway through the AT&T email service with the login information you set up when you opened your account. In order to use the email service, please follow the instructions below:

  • Go to for further information.
  • Please enter your AT&T account information.
  • Choosing “Sign in” is all that is required.

Signing up for this service is as simple as clicking a button.


How To Reset Your AT&T Password?

There is a chance that you may have forgotten your password. In order to log in to your AT&T account, you had to create an account. AT & T will no longer be accessible if you lose this password. If you forget your password, don’t freak out. You can get it back or create a new one. Here are the actions you need to take:

  • Visit myAT&T.
  • Select “Forgot Password.”
  • Enter your username and last name to retrieve your password. Enter the code in the designated field.
  • Then click “Continue” to continue.
  • You’ll get an email with a password reset link; click the link to access the page to reset your password.
  • Set a brand new one now.
  • Re-enter the new password if you’re sure you’ve got it right.
  • Then click “Create” to start the creation process.
  • You can regain your User ID if you have forgotten it but still remember your password. To get your ID restored or create a new one, follow the same procedure as password recovery. The only difference is that instead of “Forgot Password,” pick “Forgot ID.”


How to Configure Your AT&T IMAP Email Settings on Gmail?

Other email programs can be used in place of’s webmail interface to check and send an email (like Mailspring, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, or Mozilla Thunderbird).

Streamlining your email workflow is possible with desktop email programs. When you’re not connected to the internet, your email is still accessible on your computer.

Enter your Gmail password and press Next. Click on Next after entering your login, password, and incoming server ([email protected]&

Your AT&T email will be accessible after allowing Gmail to verify your information and a few options.


How to Configure Your AT&T IMAP Email Settings on Outlook?

In the display name block, type your full AT&T email address. Following that, you must complete the server information. Choose IMAP as the account type, and enter imap.mail.AT& as the Incoming Mail Server and imap.mail.AT& as the Outgoing Mail Server.

When you provide your login details, as your username, enter your email address, and your secure mail key as your password.

Click More Settings and provide the Outgoing Server Information as follows:

Check the box Authentication is required for my outgoing server (SMTP). Check the box that says Use the same settings as my incoming mail server. Please provide the following additional information:

Enter 993 for Incoming Server and select SSL.

Enter 465 as the Outgoing Server and select SSL.

Select OK. After that, Microsoft Outlook will validate your account information. Once your provided information has been confirmed as correct, click Finish.


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