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A leaker has shared on X that Apple will offer the new alleged “FineWoven” iPhone cases in 10 colors. The account also shared more information about the accessory, including details about its material and build.

Leaker and Apple collector @KosutamiSan shared the news on X, saying the cases will come in specific colors: black, mulberry, taupe, evergreen, pacific blue, wisteria, antique white, butter yellow, orange, and pink. Aside from this, the post revealed that the iPhone 15 cases would be made of “eco-fiber leather,” which supports previous reports that Apple will use more eco-friendly material with less carbon footprint versus cowhide leather.

Kosutami claimed that the cases will be MagSafe and feature rubber-wrapped bezels, albeit the material will be darker than the case’s color. Additionally, the material will reportedly be used on the new Apple Watch band.

The claim follows a report about the cases being branded as “FineWoven.” Despite sharing this, leaker @duanrui1205 expressed doubt over the information. Other accounts and leakers confirmed the suspicion, pointing out that the items could be counterfeit products. One account, @Brandon120hzz, even managed to quickly spot the flaw in the packaging. According to the account, the text description of the product written in Japanese reads that the material still refers to “high-quality leather” that is “similar to high-grade leather belt.” This opposed the earlier reports that the case would use a different material. Moreover, the cases shared in the post seem to be different in texture from what leaker @MajinBuOfficial confidently shared earlier. Despite this, whether the branding is really “FineWoven” or not, rumors and leaks about the new iPhone 15 cases continue to surface.


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