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After Apple, Samsung is the next company to embrace titanium material for its next smartphone creation. The South Korean giant started its research for the move two years ago and is now reportedly at the final stages of securing the yield rate for its titanium frame cases.

South Korean website The Elec shared the news, claiming it will first be employed on the Ultra model of the S24 line and that the alloy will be placed at the backside of an aluminum case.

According to the outlet’s industry sources, Samsung is considering the expansion of the material’s use, depending on how the market will receive the change. Nonetheless, the company seems confident about it, pushing it to tentatively have a 15-million titanium frame case goal, a number that matches the shipped Galaxy S23 Ultra models this year.

The company is now determined to push the move and is currently working with its multiple Chinese case suppliers and Vietnam assembly plant staff. As the report shared, Chinese company Solomon is now processing the titanium alloy.

This will be a huge change from the aluminum cases Samsung uses on its premium smartphones, which reportedly cost the company less than $20.

The plan would effectively make Samsung the second company to commercialize the use of titanium for smartphone frames. However, unlike Apple’s success in reducing the weight of its iPhone 15 Pro models with the material, the change for Samsung is not expected to contribute much in terms of the weight of the future Galaxy S24 Ultra as it has already been employing light aluminum on its creations.

No other details were shared about the plan, including whether Samsung will apply an additional coat of protection to the material. Yet, the company will likely be more cautious in its next steps about the implementation of the new material to the S24 Ultra to prevent the same issues Apple has been facing, including the fingerprint issues of its iPhone 15 Pro models.


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