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A new video shows that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is faster than the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in performing certain tasks. This has allowed the Apple smartphone to take back the crown after the rival model beat the iPhone 14 Pro Max in an earlier speed test. However, the difference in this year’s results isn’t significant, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max leading the race by only a few seconds.

Tech-based social media company and YouTube channel TechBuff performed the test, highlighting the processor chips and RAM capacities of the two models in the test. To compare, the S23 Ultra has the SD 8 Gen 2 with 3.36 GHz while the iPhone 15 Pro Max boasts the new A17 Pro chip with a higher at 3.78 GHz. In RAM, the Samsung phone beats the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s 8GB by offering a higher 12GB memory. However, this higher number seems to have made a small help for Samsung, with the iPhone 15 Pro Max winning in the test.

The speed test involved the use of different apps that were launched and used in a particular sequence. Some include Facebook, the devices’ respective camera apps, Word and Excel, Google Trends, Spotify, and different games. The S23 Ultra initially took the lead, especially in the use of the photo-editing application Snapseed, where it managed to apply the filters and export the image faster. However, by the time the games were launched, the iPhone outpaced the S23 Ultra. PhoneBuff noted that the single-swipe requirement for non-swipe-based games allowed the iPhone to do that.

“The iPhone intelligently recognizes that there isn’t a big risk for accidental exits, requiring only a single swipe exit,” PhoneBuff explained. “Whereas on the Galaxy, anytime an app takes up a full screen, it always requires a double swipe, giving the iPhone’s UI a slight disadvantage in terms of speed.”

At the end of the first lap, the iPhone finished at 01:58:50, while the Samsung phone followed 2 seconds later at 02:00:49. In the second lap, the test opened the apps that were previously launched to see how fast the phones can summon the apps running in the background. In this part, the iPhone still managed to finish first. In general, the iPhone 15 Pro Max only consumed 02:45:40, while the S23 Ultra reached 02:49:50.

Another win for the iPhone 15 Pro Max in the test is that it performed the tasks without overheating, which is a surprise since recent reports indicate that the issue is affecting many iPhone 15 Pro models.

On the other hand, while the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s victory in beating the Samsung S23 Ultra sounds good news for Apple fans, a four-second difference isn’t much. The entire test shouldn’t also be used to generally conclude the speed difference between the two phone models as it could end with a different result if other apps were used in the challenges. Lastly, with a more superior Samsung model coming out, this record could be easily broken.

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