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Apple’s iPhone is finally getting the USB-C port. And although this sounds like huge news to fans around the globe, here is Google making fun of this late adoption.

Google’s recent ad videos feature its Pixel smartphone creation and Apple’s iPhone 14, with the latter being painted as that ignorant friend in each scene. This setup continues in Google’s new “Spa Day” ad, where the two phones can be seen relaxing in the sauna.

As usual, the iPhone has its line about how Pixel can do a lot of other things it “can’t,” including its unblurring photo capability, AI functions, and messages live translation. Then, the iPhone had its unwitting line. Boasting its few tricks up its sleeves, the character hinted at its upcoming USB-C support, which Pixel easily guessed, implying that nothing is groundbreaking about the matter. 

The ad is part of Google’s continuous campaign to hopefully lure away some Apple’s customers from iPhones. In the past months, the search giant also published the same clips using the same strategy for its #BestPhonesForever series, which is undeniably amusing and comical. And while the entire series is a slap in the face of Apple, Google is spitting facts, including the late adoption of the port in iPhones.

This move is indeed kind of overdue for Apple as its competitors have been offering the feature for quite a long time now. Fortunately, with pressure from legislators and the EU, the company has been pushed to embrace the change. With this, recent reports and reliable leaks indicate that the new iPhone 15 line will now replace the Lightning port with USB-C. And while this is indeed nothing big compared to iPhone’s rivals, the change will benefit all Apple customers, who no longer have to buy separate charging cables for their iPhones and Android phones.


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