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A new leak from well-known leaker @MajinBuOfficial indicates that the USB-C cable dedicated to the iPhone 15 series will be 1.6 meters long, albeit it will only be limited to disappointing USB 2.0 speeds or a maximum of 480 Mbps.

This opposes previous reports involving the cable, which others said would be capable of up to 40Gbps of data transfer speeds due to the rumored Thunderbolt support in iPhone 15 models. Unfortunately, according to the leaker, the cable will instead be limited to USB 2.0 20V3A, which is currently the case in iPad 10 despite integrating the USC-C connector. If really true, this also means the cable won’t have any significant difference in the transfer speeds of the Lightning connector.

Yet, despite being described as “confirmed” by the leaker, it is still recommended to take the matter with a pinch of salt at the moment. After all, if the other leaks and Apple’s current device offerings are to be considered, there is a possibility that the USB 2.0 cable might only cover certain iPhone 15 models or that Apple could offer another variation of the USB-C cable. 

As the charger-dedicated website Chargerlab revealed, the rumored photos of USB-C components that surfaced online showed a Retimer chip, which can reconstruct signals and decrease the signal jitter. This started the rumors that Apple might be planning to bring Thunderbolt support to different iPhone 15 models. Yet, we noted that based on the present device of Apple (where the iPad Pro only has Thunderbolt support in the iPad lineup), there is a chance it could only be offered to Pro devices of the iPhone 15 lineup. If that is the case, the company will likely provide a better variation of USB-C to complement the Thunderbolt feature of certain phone models.

Moreover, it is highly likely that the cable shared by @MajinBuOfficial is just a low-tier cable Apple is planning for the iPhone 15 release. It means the company might have a plan to sell Thunderbolt USB-C cables separately, which is not impossible. To recall, the iPhone maker is already doing this by selling Thunderbolt cables at much higher prices, depending on their lengths.

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