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The first public beta of iOS 17 is now out. Interested testers can now download the beta update, but it is important to note that it is not free from bugs. Though the public beta is considered more stable than what developers tested earlier, it still has some known issues that remain unresolved.

The public beta was released last week, right after the rollout of the re-release version of iOS 17 Beta 3 for developers. This is the same build (21A5277j) handed to the public beta testers. With this, public beta testers get the same features in the re-release version of Beta 3. That includes improvements in the earlier issue regarding the battery and keyboard in iOS 17 beta. However, some reported still experiencing the problems, so public testers are highly likely to experience the same.

Aside from those things, public testers who already have the update reported the following issues and bugs:

  • Widgets are reportedly resetting randomly, including Clock and its location.
  • Crashes when using Find My, especially Find Nearby.
  • Fitness, Sleep, and Screen Time widget not updating.
  • Shortcuts widget not appearing in the widget library.
  • Some users reported experiencing failing calls in the public beta, even after resetting the network setting or their devices.
  • The Settings app is malfunctioning. Some reports show the app page only showing a white screen.
  • No cellular service after installing the first public beta.
  • FaceTime not working when used with mobile data.
  • Live Speech is not showing the Personal Voice created by the user.
  • The Spotlight Search not showing results when looking for apps.
  • StandBy mode still appears in red despite deactivating Night Mode.
  • Lock and homescreen wallpapers not appearing. Early public testers noted that changing and restoring the device’s region should resolve this (Settings > General > Language and Region).
  • A random issue in the endless loading screen when creating a new wallpaper and selecting from the Photos app.
  • Image and Check In not showing in iMessage.
  • Inability to adjust the volume. A simple reboot can reportedly resolve this.
  • Some testers reported laggy Dynamic Island.
  • AirPods are connected but not playing any sound.
  • Audiobooks not playing after installing the public beta.
  • When texting, the first letter of the first word in the sentence gets automatically turned into lowercase after tapping space.
  • Emergency Satellite service in some users disappeared after getting the public beta.
  • Created Contact Posters are not saving.
  • Unusable Home Hubs, preventing the use of HomeKit devices. This gives users an error message: “None of the home hubs are responding.”

Are you also testing the first public beta of iOS 117 and experiencing some issues? Let us know in the comment section!


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