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This week, Apple released an updated iOS 17 Beta 3 version. Apple also updated the Beta 3 versions of iPadOS 17, macOS 14, and tvOS14. Here are some improvements noticeable in this release, which now has a build number of 21A5277j.

  • Users reported experiencing better battery life in the updated release of Beta 3.
  • Some testers claim the keyboard bug in previous iOS 17 betas has been fixed. Nonetheless, some reports say it is still problematic when using Telegram and iMessage.

In terms of features, no other visible ones seem to be included in the re-release version of iOS 17 Beta 3. Nonetheless, as other developers noted, the new release seems to have brought improvements in the overall performance of their devices, albeit there are still bugs and UI issues present in the update.

This lack of huge feature additions and changes in the iOS 17 Beta 3 re-release version is a huge indication that Apple is finally preparing the public release version of the beta. This follows the same move the company made with iOS 16 Beta 3 in 2022, which was later followed by its public beta release. With this, it is likely that the public beta of iOS 17 is just around the corner and that we could get it later today or tomorrow. 

On the other hand, here are the biggest features added in the last iOS 17 Beta 3:

  • German language on the keyboard has received QuickPath typing capability.
  • There are new voices for Siri in German.
  • When you start a timer, the Timer app will give you an Add (+) button. This will allow you to add another timer while the first ones you launched are running. 
  • Safari has new Glyph options by tapping the ellipsis (…) icon in Profiles.
  • In the Camera section in Settings, there is a new option for Depth Control, which can “preserve the depth setting for Photo, Portrait, and Cinematic modes” rather than automatically resetting it.
  • When using the camera’s video mode, there is a new ProRes indicator, showing you whether you are using SDR or HDR.
  • Photos will now show the appropriate icons for animals detected by Visual Lookup instead of generally using the paw icon for all of them. A new icon for Music for Visual Lookup will also be spotted for screenshots of albums or any music-related images.
  • Users can see a new SharePlay icon at the bottom of the Music app when the iPhone is connected to a CarPlay device. Tapping it will show the QR code that can be shared with other passengers in the car, allowing easy connection. There is also a new icon for AirPlay in the same area where the SharePlay icon is located.
  • The icon for using AirPlay to HomePod and other speakers has been updated. 
  • The transparent look of the Clock widget has been removed. Micro-location option is also no longer available in Settings > Privacy & Security > Location Services > System Services.
  • Some users report seeing a new Memoji splash screen when first opening Apple Fitness in the update.
  • Contact Posters have new color selections.
  • Spotlight now shows more information about the artist when you search for them. Results will include the artist’s latest releases.
  • Double-tapping the Add (+) button in the Messages will quickly invoke your favorite app. You can change this by tapping the button and dragging your preferred app to a higher rank on the list.
  • Tapping a widget during the StandBy mode will give you a link button to its respective app.


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