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There are lots of ways to share your location with a family member or a friend using an iPhone. Nonetheless, one of the basic ways to do it is through iMessage, which gives you an instant option to send your location in the conversation with a contact.

It allows you to incorporate your location within a conversation with a friend or family, and that detail will be updated in real time, making it useful when meeting with someone in a particular place.

In iPhones, you’ll be offered to use the Current Location option when somebody asks, “Where are you?” It will be situated above the keyboard, so you should be able to easily access it. Nonetheless, if you want to voluntarily offer your location detail, you can send it by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the Messages app.
  2. Choose a conversation or create a new one by tapping the + button.
  3. For a new conversation, select the recipient’s name and tap Share Location or Share My Location. For an existing conversation, tap +, select Location, and hit the Share button.
  4. You can set the sharing duration of your location details. There’s an option to continuously share your location and just stop it manually. To do that, select Indefinitely.
  5. Tap the send button to share your location. Note: You need to reshare your location in order for the newly added members in your group conversation to see the details.

Once your location is shared, the location details will be updated in real-time within the conversation. If you want to stop sharing your location, just go back to the Messages app and tap on the conversation where you are sharing your location. Tap Stop Sharing or Stop Sharing My Location afterward.


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