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One of the best things about iPhones is the ability to turn photos into stickers. Even more interesting, the process of doing this is straightforward, and you can also do it on Live Photos.

The capability is built-in on iOS, and you can instantly access this on the Photos app of your iPhone. It will also do the work of identifying the subject for you, making the image ready to be used as a sticker.

To do it on a photo, do the following steps:

  1. Launch your Photos app and choose a photo.
  2. For a photo, tap and hold the subject. For a Live Photo, slide the subject up and release it.
  3. Tap Add Sticker to complete the process.

The stickers taken from a photo or Live Photo will appear in the stickers drawer. You can access them through your iPhone onscreen keyboard or Markup tools. There is also an option to apply some effects on them by tapping “Add Effect” and selecting from options like Outline, Comic, or Puffy.


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