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Shazam now offers a concert feature that you can use to stay updated about upcoming concerts of your favorite artists. Aside from other concert-related details, Shazam also now allows you to purchase tickets for their shows and even set a concert reminder.

In the updated Shazam app, you should see a dedicated Concerts section in My Music. Tapping it on your iPhone will bring you to the Concerts page, where you’ll see an “Explore: For You” section showing upcoming concerts from artists you Shazam. The suggestions are based on your activities, but there’s an option to choose the coverage of the concert recommendations. In the section, you can choose between “All Locations” or “Near Me.”

Another way to discover concerts from your favorite artists is by directly searching for them in the Shazam app. To do that, do the following:

  1. Launch your Shazam app.
  2. Go to My Music and tap the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Type the name of an artist or a song. Select the result that you want.
  4. Tapping the result will show you if there’s a concert available for that artist. The concert will be displayed under the song on the track screen or artist page.
  5. Select a concert.
  6. Tap “More upcoming concerts by [artist name],” and select the concert of your choice if available. It will show you the concert details, including the artist’s name, concert date, location, and time.
  7. On the concert page of the artist, select between the Tickets and Remind Me buttons. Tapping the former will show you the available ticket providers available. Choosing one will direct you to the provider’s website, where you can browse and purchase the tickets. On the other hand, selecting the reminder button will enable notifications. Details you will receive before the performance include concert information, the artist’s latest music, content shared by the artist, and, if available, downloadable wallpapers for your iPhone.


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