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iOS 17 Beta 3 is already out for developers testing the update. Apple introduced some improvements and fixes in Beta 3, but there are still a lot of known issues that remain unaddressed. One includes the keyboard bug, which continues to be a problem among beta testers.

iMessage has a random reoccurring bug where the keyboard covers the chat and the typing field is covered [IOS17DB]
by u/clearlyconfusedaries in iOSBeta

The issue is one of the prominent ones in the iOS 17 beta, even in the very first beta released by Apple. During the early tests, developers were complaining about the keyboard failing to minimize or work properly in some apps. Others said that the keyboard sometimes wouldn’t even launch at all. According to the reports, nonetheless, a simple workaround entailed relaunching apps.

Meanwhile, in other reports, developers shared that the misbehaving keyboard would even cover the typing field, preventing them from viewing the texts they were typing. The problem was reportedly experienced in any app that has a text box.

Unfortunately, while some testers say that Beta 3 has resolved the issue, some still report continuously having the same problem. According to developers in some forums, the keyboard still won’t minimize properly and continue to block the necessary spaces in the apps. Using third-party apps reportedly won’t resolve the issue.

If that is the case for most developers now, it is likely one of the bugs that public beta testers might face in the coming days. The public beta of iOS 17 is expected to release this week or early next week, and it is believed that the same build will be offered to public beta testers. With this, it is recommended not to install the beta on primary iPhone units, especially since there are still other known issues in iOS 17.

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