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Different reports about iPhone units shutting down automatically are being shared online. According to claims, it is not limited to iPhone 15 as it also affects older models, suggesting it could be an issue with one of the versions of iOS 17.

9To5Mac first reported the matter, highlighting some complaints aired on Reddit about different units shutting off at night. It was later echoed by MacRumors, claiming the team experienced the same. Yoodley observed three of our updated iOS 17 devices, and two of them showed indications that they temporarily turned off, even when being charged. Interstingly, unlike the reports shared online, the issue happened in our units during the afternoon.

As affected users noted, we also noticed a battery gap at night, proving that the units indeed shut down on their own. These details can be found in Settings > Battery, where you can check the charging activity of the unit for the past 24 hours. Another proof can be spotted when you are required to provide your passcodes, which happens when there is a device reboot.

It is still unknown what exactly is triggering the issue, as Apple is still mum about the matter. We will update this report for additional details in the coming hours, especially after receiving a response from the company.

In related news, the Cupertino company has recently fixed several issues in iOS 17. This includes the data transfer problem between an old iPhone and a new iPhone 15 unit. This was followed by the overheating spotted in the iPhone 15 units, which initially led to speculations that it was the effect of a powerful A17 Pro performance alongside problematic heat dissipation caused by the titanium frames. However, the giant said it was only a bug in iOS 17, worsened by third-party apps overloading the system.


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