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The mass production of displays needed for the iPhone 15 series has started. However, not everything is going smoothly in that section, as other manufacturing partners of Apple are experiencing issues. Even more, the production yield of the line’s periscope lens is below expectations.

Korean website The Elec shared the news in a recent report, saying Apple finally signaled Samsung Display to start the mass production of its iPhone 15 displays. It notes that of the three suppliers Apple has for the displays, only Samsung has managed to meet the expectations, translating to its advantage over its competitors. The approval reportedly covers all four types of OLEDs dedicated to the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

Meanwhile, Apple’s other display partners are facing challenges: LG was only given conditional approval to push it to make significant changes before moving to mass production, while Chinese company BOE “is unlikely to deliver iPhone 15 OLED this year.”

The current situations of the two display manufacturers follow the previous reports revealing the issues they have been facing regarding display production. In July, the displays made by LG Display reportedly met problems after failing the reliability tests. After that, a report from Display Supply Chain Consultants claimed the issue was immediately resolved. As the new report by The Elec reveals, however, LG is still not free from all these problems. With this, Apple still has to require LG to make some display improvements before allowing it to fully move to the mass production phase. On a positive note, this approval is expected soon.

Meanwhile, BOE’s display production issue is no secret. According to reports, the problem was specifically linked to Dynamic Island’s cutouts, causing Apple to pull its iPhone 15 orders. The Elec explains:

After BOE handed over all of the iPhone 15 OLED initial shipments to Samsung Display, it is highly likely to miss the rest of the shipments by the end of this year. Apple applies the’Dynamic Island’ function, which was only applied to the pro lineup in the iPhone 14 series last year, to the lower lineup in the iPhone 15 series this year. BOE is having difficulties in machining the hole display required to implement the dynamic island.

On the other hand, the display production of the iPhone 15 is not the only section facing problems, according to the news website. iPhone 15 Pro Max’s periscope lens module is reportedly under issue, with the production yield below expectations.

“In the iPhone 15 series, image sensors are mainly supplied by Sony Japan and camera modules by LG Innotek,” the report shares. “The production yield of image sensors supplied by Sony, folded zooms for Promax models that LG Innotek is supplying for the first time this year, and actuators for folded zooms are falling below expectations. The stock of iPhone 15 series parts is also piled up.”


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