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A code in the iOS 17 Release Candidate indicates that Apple is preparing a feature that will allow users to set the maximum battery charging limit of their iPhone 15. This should allow users to set the limit at a certain level, which could help them extend the battery life of their iPhone units.

Website 9To5Mac shared the discovery of the said code in the iOS 17 RC that Apple recently released. According to the report, the feature should be available in the Battery settings menu of the system once it is officially available. It will reportedly show descriptions of the feature when it’s activated (“Will only charge to about X%.”) or deactivated (“Will charge to its full capacity.”) Aside from that, the report notes that the Setting when the users last charged their units to the specified limits they set.

This is a welcome feature in iOS 17 and iPhone 15 models, especially this year as Apple makes more effort related to the battery and charging of its iPhones. To recall, one of the highlights of the Apple Event this year is the adoption of the USB-C port in its new lineup. This allows the latest iPhone models to complement the charging technology of other Apple devices already using the USB-C, including iPad, Mac, and AirPods Pro.

Unfortunately, 9To5Mac noted that while the feature is spotted in the iOS 17 RC, it might not be available to all devices getting the update:

Since the iPhone 15 hasn’t hit stores yet, we can’t say for sure that this feature will be available on day one. However, given that it’s already there in the code and we didn’t find it enabled on iPhone 14 models, we assume that the new charge optimization feature is only compatible with USB-C iPhones.


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