iPhone 15 Wallpaper Render

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman contradicted rumors about the possibility of Apple branding its topmost iPhone model this year “Ultra” instead of “Pro Max.” The journalist also clarified that Apple would only release four models this year, further ending the claims about a possible addition of the iPhone 15 Ultra as the fifth and top option in the lineup.

Gurman’s report came days ahead of the Wonderlust event of Apple, which will be on September 12. Months before, different rumors surfaced that Apple would be using the Ultra branding this year, with Gurman corroborating the idea that Apple was considering this in its plan. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also mentioned the matter several times in different reports and posts. In August, famous leaker Majin Bu shared some images of unofficial iPhone cases from China, showing Ultra branding printed on the cases’ surfaces. AppleInsider’s Andrew O’Hara followed this, saying “multiple sources” told him that “Apple will indeed use the ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’ monicker for the plus-sized Pro phone.”

Majin Bu made an update about the rumor this month. The leaker claimed that aside from having an iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple would also release an iPhone 15 Pro Max this year. The two high-end versions would reportedly differ in memory and storage capacity, with the Ultra version being the topmost lineup model.

As explained by the leaker, the Pro Max will boast 6GB RAM and up to 1TB storage, but it will be overshadowed by Ultra’s offering of 8GB RAM, up to 2TB memory, and “a much better camera features than the normal Pro.” The post also said the Ultra model would get another $100 increase. Unfortunately, the Majin Bu dismissed the idea, and Gurman affirmed this in today’s report.

As per Gurman, not only would Apple stick with the Pro Max branding for this series’ release, but it would also just have four models: iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max. The journalist also reiterated that the Pro models will have titanium frames, which is one of the highlights of the new series.


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