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Leakers confirmed the arrival of an upgraded memory in the Pro models of Apple’s new iPhone 15 series. According to reports, the two models now offer 8GB RAM, which should complement the A17 Pro chip that introduces new capabilities and improvements to the devices.

MacRumors’ Joe Rossignol and leaker @aaronp613 shared the news after the unveiling of the new lineup by Apple this Tuesday. Both sources claimed spotting files affirming the matter, which was also part of the biggest iPhone 15 rumors prior to the Apple Event. According to the two, the proofs are present in the Xcode 15 Release Candidate, noting the same files were used to confirm the same specs in iPhone 14 and earlier iPhone models.

According to Rossignol and @aaronp613, the standard iPhone 15 and iPhone Plus will still have the same memory as the current iPhone 14 line today, which boasts 6GB RAM. On a positive note, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max should now have 8GB RAM.

This will be an attractive upgrade to the specifications of the new Pro models of iPhones, which will also employ the new A17 Pro chip. As Apple shared in the event, the new chip features a 6-core (2 performance and 4 efficiency cores) CPU and a 16-core neural engine that is reportedly 2x faster. It also has a 6-core GPU with new Apple-designed shader architecture, and it is reportedly 20% faster in peak performance. Finally, it comes with a USB controller to allow USB 3 speeds up to 10 gigabits per second (20 times faster than USB 2 using an optional USB 3 cable), and it even includes hardware-accelerated ray tracing.

The combination of the A17 chip and the 8G RAM should translate to the efficient performance of the entire when performing different tasks. Their actual impact on the device should be observed in the coming weeks once benchmark tests are performed on the newly released iPhone 15 Pro models.


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