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Apple has prepared charging features for its iPhone 15 models in the new Charging Optimization page of its Settings app, allowing users to control how they want their units to charge. In particular, users can choose between delaying the charging process to prevent overcharging or setting a specific 80% charging limit. The new models will also display additional battery details, which previously required third-party tools for users to view.

The new features will be ready in the entire iPhone 15 lineup. And while it was first spotted in the iOS 17 Release Candidate, it is unclear whether Apple has plans to bring it to earlier iPhone models in the market via an update.

The features can be found in the new dedicated Charging Optimization page in Settings (Settings > Battery > Battery Health & Charging > Charging Optimization). Here, users will see three options: Optimized Battery Charging, 80% Limit, and None.

Choosing the first option will cause the system to observe the charging routine of the unit, so it can delay the charging past 80% around the time it usually gets unplugged. This should allow the iPhone not to overcharge or reach 100%, protecting the battery and helping it to last longer. On the other hand, opting for the 80% Limit option will directly stop the charging at the said level and won’t go beyond that.

Aside from this, Apple also added more details about the battery of the iPhone 15 in Settings > General > About. Here, users will see the battery details of the unit, which formerly needed third-party apps to be viewed in the earlier iPhone models. The details include the manufacturing date, the first use date, and the cycle count of the battery.

For more details about the battery of the iPhone 15 lineup, click here.


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