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Focus and Depth Control is one of the highlights of the iPhone 15 launch. However, the release of the iOS 17 Release Candidate revealed that the feature is software-enabled, allowing it to also work on earlier iPhone models, such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14.

The new feature starts with the Depth Control feature Apple introduced to the iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and later models. Using the feature, users get a slider that they can use to manually adjust the blur levels of the background, allowing the subject to be more prominent in Portrait mode.

Apple is adding the Focus control in this feature, allowing users to choose the shot’s focus under the Portrait mode. It works by simply tapping any possible object in the photo, prompting the system to refocus the subject and apply the blurred background to other sections.

The Cupertino giant announced the feature as part of the iPhone 15 launch. Yet, as it appears, the feature will also be available in the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 models through the iOS 17 update Apple is about to release on September 18. This means the software will enable the feature, allowing older iPhone devices to perform such an action despite not having the camera system as advanced as the iPhone 15 models.

According to testers of the iOS 17 RC, the feature is now available on their devices through the update, confirming its availability through the update. Sadly, it appears it will only be enabled down to the iPhone 13 series, as Apple’s iPhone comparison page shows. 

On a positive note, the iOS 17 update will generally be rolled out to the iPhone XS generation and later series, bringing them a bunch of new features and system improvements. For more details about the compatibility requirements and features of iOS 17, click here.


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