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Apple is adding a new button to its iPhone 16 lineup. Called “Capture Button,” the element will reportedly be capacitive, meaning it won’t be mechanical and will respond to detected touches via haptic feedback. The purpose of the button remains unknown, but the same concept will reportedly be used in next year’s Action Button.

The rumors came from MacRumors, saying the button is called “Project Nova.” According to the report, it will be placed under the Power button. This is currently where the mmWave cutout is located, but Apple is going to move it to the other side (under the Volume buttons) to prioritize the new one.

The outlet noted that Apple also experimented with the same capacitive buttons earlier in the iPhone 15 Pro. However, the concept of the canceled “Bongo project” was only used on the Power and Volume buttons. Next year, there is a chance this will be resurrected in the new Capture Button. The report claims Apple is also planning to apply this capacitive concept to the Action Button under the so-called “Project Atlas.”

On the other hand, the Cupertino giant is reportedly preparing for possible changes in case Project Nova fails to meet expectations. According to the report, the company also has an iPhone 16 layout without the Capture Button detail.

The report claims that the standard iPhone 16 will have a new camera arrangement similar to the vertical camera of the iPhone‌ 12. Additionally, Apple will reportedly further enlarge the screens of the new Pro models to 6.3″ and 6.9″.

These details add to the current claims revolving around the iPhone 16 lineup, including the addition of three cameras (reportedly for the Vision Pro), an A18 chip, a microlens display, Wi-Fi 7, and a super telephoto periscope camera. However, while they are all interesting, it is important to note that they remain rumors. And even if they are not and are currently being considered by Apple to inject into its iPhone 16 models, there is a chance that they could still be canceled since next year’s series project is still in its early stages.


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