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Apple is planning to add the Translate app as one of the options of its Action Button in the new iPhone 15 Pro models. Once available, it should allow users to directly use the function without launching the app.

It won’t be included in the initial release of the iOS 17 update, however. Instead, the new option is expected to arrive later this year via one of iOS 17’s updates.

Once available, it will join the eight current options revealed by Apple during the Wonderlust event, where invited guests got the chance to try the Action Button themselves. As of now, the options include Mute/Ring, Focus Mode, Camera, Voice Memo, Flashlight, Magnifier, Shortcut, and Accessibility.

Translate was first mentioned as part of the customization options in a leak in July. According to the code of iOS Beta 4 spotted by MacRumors at that time, there were a total of nine options for the Action Button. However, as mentioned, only eight of them will be included in the first iOS 17 version.

In the future, Apple might consider adding more options to the button aside from the Translate app. As a customizable element, this opens new possibilities on what iPhones can do. And given that the smartphone has a lot of interesting features, it is thrilling to think what other options Apple might add to it in the future.

What do you think are the other options and controls Apple should add to the iPhone 15’s Action Button? Let us know in the comment section below!


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