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A new video showing the standard iPhone 15 dummy models reveals how light the colors of the units will be this year. In particular, it seems the Cupertino giant is aiming for a set of pastel colors. Unfortunately, the shades are so light that you might mistake the color of two of the models.

Days ago, a dummy leak revealed the colors of the standard models of the iPhone 15 line. The post showed the back of the units alongside some shots confirming the arrival of the USB-C port in the smartphones. The most notable detail about the post, however, was the colors of the five standard smartphones of Apple: black, white, pink, yellow, and blue. All appeared to be extremely light in shade, and we will now have a better look at them today.

X user Jon Rettinger‘s post today confirms that the standard tier of the iPhone 15 line will indeed be offered in five colors already mentioned above. Aside from this, the post includes a video showing a clearer view of the models’ shade.

However, as pointed out by Rettinger, the colors are extremely light and lack saturation. Unfortunately, this seems to be a downside for two of the colors — blue and white — which look almost exactly similar in looks. As a matter of fact, the light blue looks even whiter than the actual white option, making the color difference between the two almost insignificant.

On the other hand, while the color selections of the standard iPhone 15 models might not excite everyone, previous reports revealed other feature additions worth waiting for the line’s release on September 12. Some include the Dynamic Island adoption across the series, USB-C port, rumored higher battery capacities, and 14 Pros’ 48-megapixel main camera and A16 chip.


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