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Interested users can now sign up for the beta version of the new Narwhal app for iOS. The app’s developer announced the start of the test for “Narwhal 2,” calling it “the most customizable app for Reddit on iOS.”

The news came months after Reddit made significant changes in its API pricing, causing different third-party app shutdowns. This includes the end of the famous Apollo for Reddit app alongside others like rif is fun for Reddit (RIF) and BaconReader. Other developers, however, decided to adapt to the change and implement subscription plans or increase the prices of the present fees they already have in order to survive. One of them is the Narwhal.

“Despite all the Reddit API changes, I am doing my best to make sure that third party apps still exist in some form,’ Narwhal co-creator u/det0ur said in a recent post on Reddit. “We (myself and /u/charliewonders) originally made this app for ourselves and that is still why we work on it today. It is just a side project for us (we have day jobs), but we are still trying to build the best app possible!”

The app developer announced the plan to release a new version months ago, promising it would be free of ads. The app’s new version is now in beta with a new design and “many new features.”

Unfortunately, the developer shared that the exact pricing for the public is not yet available but promised to announce it soon alongside the planned tiers for the app. “I will be posting that soon,” u/det0ur said. “I’m also working on getting an API Request counter into the app. I am targeting a $3/month price that will be able to serve most people. Right now, the average Narwhal user uses about 250 requests a day so its a bit more than what you might be seeing with Relay. I am working on doing some things to get that daily request counter down. There will likely be configurable settings for things like ‘How often to check for new messages’ to control your total requests.”

Currently, the main objective for the app’s beta is to address possible bugs. Nonetheless, the developer shared other plans for the future of Narwhal 2, including introducing new features like widget functionality and an action bar hide option. The support of Narwhal 2 for the iPad is also now in the works, u/det0ur revealed.


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