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Google has rolled out another batch of new features to the iOS and Android versions of Maps. Some new features smartphone users can now try on Google Maps include the Immersive View for routes and EV information. According to the search giant, more are coming in the next months.

Here are some quick details on what to expect about these features:

Immersive View. After announcing the feature at I/O 2023, Google is now rolling it out to iOS and Android users in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tokyo and Venice. The feature refers to the multidimensional view of entire routes, which applies to driving, walking, or cycling trips. Aside from realistic, visual turn-by-turn directions, the feature also comes with a “time slider,” which gives you details like simulated traffic and weather conditions on specific days.

Maps Lens. Google has extended the power of artificial intelligence to Lens in Maps, allowing users to use their cameras to get more information about their surroundings. The feature can be accessed using the Lens icon in the search bar. When the camera is used on surrounding establishments, Maps will show information about ATMs, transit stations, restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. Google started releasing the feature to over 50 cities this week, including Austin, Las Vegas, Rome, São Paulo, and Taipei.

“More detailed” Maps. Google is adding more details to its Maps in the coming months. In its announcement, some of the details users should soon expect are more realistic buildings and improved lane details. Google said it would soon be available in the coming months in 12 countries, such as the US, Canada, France, and Germany. In addition to that, US-based users would soon have HOV lanes on their Maps routes, while 20 European countries would get AI-powered speed limit information.

EV information. After Apple’s announcement, Google is also now embracing more electric vehicle details in its Maps. This week, the company started rolling out charging station information in Maps, such as charger and EV compatibility, charger speed availability, and the charger’s last usage date.

Thematic results and images in Maps. Using the power of AI and Search, you can now ask Maps to suggest places. It will then show you photos to give you more ideas that might interest you. According to Google, the results will be a “visual list of places” so “you can discover new spots that match exactly what you’re looking for.” It should now be available in France, Germany, Japan, the UK, and the US, but Google said it would be rolled out to more countries in the future.

In the coming weeks, Google will also be rolling out thematic results in Maps for iOS and Android. This will be ideal in particular places offering specific experiences. In Google’s example, users searching for “things to do” in Tokyo will get results like “anime” and “cherry blossoms.”


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