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Google‘s plan to introduce Live Activities support for its Google Maps app is expected to soon arrive, with a new report indicating that the search giant is now trying this feature. Once rolled out, this would allow the app to show essential information on the Lock Screen or the Dynamic Island of the iPhone.

MacRumors reported that one of its contributors, Steve Moser, discovered hidden code-level references in the latest version of Google Maps for iOS. Unfortunately, given that it is limited to code, the report stressed that the feature is still in the development phase and not yet functioning.

The discovery follows Google’s February announcement about the introduction of the Live Activities feature in Google Maps. The search giant promised to unveil it “in the coming months,” but it still hasn’t released it after six months. This puts it behind other third-party iOS apps already offering the feature, including Citymapper, FotMob, ParkMobile, and more.

Despite this, the feature references in the app indicate that Google is now working on it, and we are likely to see it in a few months. Once available, the feature will be a handy part of Google Maps, especially in displaying glanceable details related to user’s destinations without having to launch the app completely.


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