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A new report from MacRumors has revealed that the iPhone 15 is currently suffering from an issue causing the NFC chip to break. According to affected users, Apple replaced their damaged units, suggesting the company has no actual fix for the specific problem.

The severity of the situation is currently unknown, alongside the number of affected users and the actual BMW models causing it. Yet, if it is actually true, the issue might include all iPhone 15 models in the new series. Apple still hasn’t commented on the matter.

According to the report, the problem starts when users wirelessly charge their units of a BMW’s charging pad. After this, affected users shared that their new Apple smartphones underwent recovery mode with just a plain white screen. Ultimately, the Apple Pay chip will reportedly no longer work after the reboot.

As a result, the Apple features the NFC chip supports won’t be able to work. According to reports, units with the said issue will display a Wallet error that reads “Could Not Set Up Apple Pay.”

Apple still hasn’t commented on the matter but reports that the company is replacing units after confirming that their NFC is damaged. This suggests that there is currently no fix for the issue, so it is recommended for iPhone 15 users to temporarily keep their units away from BMW wireless charging pads.


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