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Supply chain analyst Ming Chi Kuo claims that not only is the iPhone 15 Pro Max shipping this week, but it will also occupy 35% to 40% of the initial launch shipments of the new series. This contradicts many earlier claims involving the high-end model, saying it could face delays due to issues Apple is facing in its manufacturing.

According to the analyst, the model will consume the highest share of the shipments, making it 10% to 20% higher than the iPhone 14 Pro Max shipments during the same period last year. The report points out that Apple is confident in the impact of the periscope camera system on the model, allowing it to zoom 6X optically and reach greater hardware-based zoom. The report underlines that the exclusivity of the feature in the iPhone 15 Pro Max makes it the “selling point” of the model.

The new report adds to Kuo’s earlier claim opposing others that the iPhone 15 Pro Max release would be pushed due to some issues. To recall, Barclays analyst Tim Long claimed in July that Apple was facing some problems in production, mainly due to component shortages of titanium alloy frame casing and camera module for iPhone 15. After this, it was reported that there was a problem with the iPhone 15 Pro and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max display manufacturing due to their thin bezel. Website 9To5Mac followed this, claiming that Apple would have to push for the model’s release between October 6 and October 13, mentioning an issue related to the Pro Max’s periscope lens system.

Kuo, however, contradicted the claims this Monday, saying Apple will be pushing the mass shipment of iPhone 15 Pro Max this week. The analyst also stressed that Apple will still ship 80 million iPhone 15 units and expressed belief in the company’s 250 million units production plan for 2024.

Aside from this, Kuo reiterated that the iPhone 16 Pro would also adopt the periscope camera, signaling the increase of the iPhone periscope lens shipments by 70% YoY in 2H24. The analyst said this would benefit Apple’s periscope lens supplier.

“Largan is the exclusive supplier of iPhone 15 Pro Max’s periscope lens and is also Huawei’s main supplier of periscope lenses (more than 60% of the shipment allocation),” Kuo detailed in the report. “The unit price of the periscope is high, about 3–4 times or more than the general high-end 7P lens. Largan will benefit from Apple and Huawei’s active adoption strategy of the periscope.”


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