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A new report indicates that Apple would have to delay the shipping of its iPhone 15 Pro Max due to some issues being experienced in its image sensor. According to a source who reportedly managed to view a major equity analyst note, Apple supplier Sony wouldn’t be able to provide the image sensor for the said model in time.

Apple is expected to be on September 12, as the previous report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stressed. Apple will then start accepting pre-orders for the units on September 15, followed by the deliveries of the orders on September 22. However, this likely won’t be the case for the most premium model in the new series. According to 9To5Mac, Apple would have to push for the model’s release between October 6 and October 13, mentioning an issue related to the Pro Max’s (or Ultra) periscope lens system.

The new report echoes previous claims about the delay, including the one from Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan, who said the series would come “a few weeks” later. In July, Barclays analyst Tim Long also said that Apple faced component shortages, adding in a note to clients that Apple was a month behind schedule since its contract manufacturers were facing issues with the supplies of titanium alloy frame casing and camera module for iPhone 15. In a more recent report coming from Asia, some electronics retail chains also seem to support the idea involving the rumored supply issues Apple is facing with its iPhone 15 production. According to a retail website in Asia, electronics retail chains believe the release of the new line could still end up in October.


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