PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected [FIXED]

PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected [FIXED]

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The PS4 LAN cable connection issue started 4-5 years ago and it is still affecting some devices. Some people are unable to find a solution, so they have to rely on Wi-Fi, if you are one of them, trying the solutions mentioned in this guide may fix the issue, and you will be able to enjoy your high-speed internet using a LAN cable.  

How to Fix “PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected”

There are multiple reasons behind this issue. Some PS4 Pro users have reported facing this message right after upgrading their PS4 firmware, and for some people, the issue was a faulty cable or ethernet port. In this guide, we have covered every known solution, so no matter what’s causing “PS4 Lan Cable Not Connected”, you will be able to fix it quickly. 

Just keep in mind that you may have to try multiple or all the solutions we have included. You may have to change the PS4 DNS, replace the dynamic IP with a static IP, reinstall the firmware, e.t.c. Our detailed steps are very easy to follow for both techies and beginners with little to no tech knowledge.

Solution 1: Reboot the Router

This is one of the easiest and very effective solutions. Unplug the power cable of the router and plug it in again after 10 seconds. Wait for your router to reboot and follow the steps mentioned below. 

Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection and select Use a LAN Cable, and then you can click on “Easy,” and you will see the “Internet Settings Updated” message. 

Note: If this does not work for you, try restarting the router and PS4 both. 

Solution 2: Insert the Lan Cable Into the Port “Halfway” Through

This method works for people who have damaged the PS4 LAN port. All you have to do is, insert the LAN cable into the port “halfway” through, stop before the “click” and the PS4 might detect the cable. 

Solution 3: Change DNS Settings on PS4

DNS stands for ‘Domain Name System,’ replacing it with Cloudflare’s or Google’s DNS may fix the issue and can also improve the internet speed. Follow the steps to change your DNS.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Network > Setup internet connection.
  2. Choose LAN Cable.
  3. Choose Custom.
  4. Choose Automatic IP address settings.
  5. Do Not Specify DHCP Hostname.
  6. Choose Manual, Under DNS Settings.
  7. Enter ( as Primary and ( as Secondary DNS.
  8. Choose Automatic Under MTU Settings.
  9. Proxy Server Do not use.
  10. You can now test your internet connection.


Solution 4: Set up a Static IP Address for PS4

Please try solution 3 first, and if it does not fix the LAN cable issue, set up a static IP. Like dynamic IPs, static IPs do not change when you restart your router, they are permanent. You have to change your PS4 local IP (this method will not change your public IP address.)


  1. Go to Settings > Network > View Connection Status.
  2. Write down the IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and go back.
  3. Go to Set Up Internet Connection > Use a LAN Cable.
  4. Choose Custom and select Manual on the next screen.

Now you have to enter your IP address; keep in mind that you don’t have to enter the exact IP, enter the first three numbers of your IP address and choose any number from 2 to 255 as your last number. Once you enter the IP, enter the Subnet Mask, and Default gateway that you copied earlier.

Choose the following options: 

  • MTU: automatic.
  • Proxy Server: Do Not Use.

Test your internet connection, and it should say successful. Now connect the LAN cable, and hopefully, the PS4 will detect it.


Solution 5: Rebuild Database on PS4

Rebuilding the database can fix the LAN cable issue in some cases. It can take 10 minutes to 1 hour, depending upon how much data you have in the drive. Follow the steps to rebuild the database on your PS4.

  1. When the PS4 is off, hold the power button for 10 seconds and wait for the second beep, and the console will boot up in safe mode.
  2. Connect your PS4 controller with a Micro USB cable. (You can use the USB charging cable.) 
  3. Press the PlayStation button on your controller.
  4. Use the D-Pad to go down and select ”Rebuild Database” using the X button.
  5. Now you will see a loading screen, wait until it completes, and you will see the home screen. 

Now sign-in to your account and connect the PS4 with a LAN cable. If you find any of your purchased games missing from the library, you can restore them by following the steps below:

Make sure you are signed into the PlayStation network when you do this. 

  1. Go to settings > Account Management > Restore Licenses and hit the Restore button.


What to Do if Everything Fails?

If none of the solutions fixed the LAN cable issue for you, don’t lose hope. Below we have mentioned some more solutions that you can use; let us know in the comments box if they work for you or not. 

  • If you are using CAT 6 or 7 LAN cable, using a CAT 5 cable may fix the issue.
  • Try a different port on the router.
  • Try a different router; if you don’t have one, you can try a different NAT Router configuration.
  • If there is dust collected in the ethernet port, clean it.
  • Make sure the Ethernet plug is not being bent by anything.
  • Try changing the maximum transmission unit (MTU) settings on your PS4.
  • Buy an Ethernet USB dongle, plug it into a USB port on your PS4 device, and then connect the LAN cable. 
  • Try connecting another device to which your PS4 is currently connected; if it works, the network interface connection on the PS4 is faulty and if it does not work on other devices, too, call your Internet service provider (ISP).

If you are still unable to use LAN cable, you can try reinstalling the system software. It will erase all the data stored in your hard drive, so we recommend doing it when nothing works. To reinstall the PS4 system software, you need a computer with an internet connection and a USB drive for downloading the update file from PS4’s website. Watch the video below and follow the steps to reinstall the software. 



Best Ethernet Cable for PS4

The DanYee Cat 7 is one of the best ethernet cables for PlayStation 4. It is available in multiple lengths, and it’s braided too, so it should last years.

How to connect PS4 with a LAN cable

  1. Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to a port on your router and connect the other end to your PS4 console.
  2. Power on the router and PS4 console.
  3. On the PS4 home screen, select Settings.
  4. Select Network > Set Up Internet Connection > Use LAN Cable > Easy.

PS4 LAN cable keeps disconnecting

If your LAN cable is working but keeps disconnecting, you can try changing the cable or connect the cable to a different port of the router. A loose PS4 ethernet port can also cause this issue, so you may have to get it replaced by a Sony repair center.

How to Fix It When Your PS4 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

  • Confirm your Wi-Fi password is correct. 
  • Restart your modem and router.
  • Restart your PlayStation 4.
  • Move your PS4 closer to the wireless router.
  • Change the DNS settings on your PS4.



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