PS4 Unrecognised disc error
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Maybe you wanted to play that long-forgotten Battlefield 4, or maybe you just bought a recently launched game. However, just when you insert the disc and sit with your controller in your hands, fiddling with it with sheer excitement, your PS4 console says, ‘Unrecognised Disc.’ 

As members of the gaming community, we understand how frustrating that could be, especially when the error is a recurring one. So, what do you do? In this post, we’ll discuss the solutions to fix ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error on PS4 and also understand why your PS4 console is unable to recognize the disc in the first place.

Why does my PS4 show an ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error?

Your PS4 could fail to recognize the disc due to multiple reasons, and it’s possible that if you’re experiencing the error with more than just one disc, the problem lies somewhere in the console. Here are the possible reasons that could be causing the ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error to pop up on your screen, hindering your gaming experience:

Dirty or Damaged Disc

It’s possible that if you have a disc stacked in your cupboard for a long time, it has gone through some good old wear and tear. If the disc has deep scratches or marks or seems to have broken edges, the PS4 will fail to recognize it, and therefore show the error ‘Unrecognised Disc’.

If the error is the result of a damaged disc, you do not have to worry about the negligible minor scratches that are inevitable, but the deep or big prominent marks or scratches.

Your PS4 can be facing an ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error owing to dirty discs too. If the disc has been out for too long, and you haven’t cleaned it before inserting it into the disc drive, you may face the error.

Note: It is also important to understand that your PS4 may be unable to recognize the disc because it is not meant to recognize it in the first place. By that, we mean to say that if you’re using a burned disc or retail CD, PS4 will be unable to recognize it, and therefore, show the error message.

System Update

The ‘Unrecognised Disc’ could also be the result of a software glitch that your console is facing post a recent software update. If you’ve recently updated your software and have been facing the error, it is possible that it’s some unresolved bug in the latest update causing the error.

Game Update

Just as it is for system update, is it for the game update. The error ‘Unrecognised Disc’ could be occurring due to an update in the game that has somehow caused a glitch that is rendering the disc unrecognizable by the console.

Outdated System Software

In contrast to the error being consequential to the latest system update, it could also be caused due to the console running on outdated system software. If you have not updated your OS for too long, it could cause the PS4 to not be able to recognize the disc. 

‘Unrecognised Disc’ is not the only error caused by outdated system software, but you may face several other ‘random’ errors such as ‘Cannot Start the PS4. Connect the DUALSHOCK 4’. Thus, make sure to keep your PS4 up-to-date.

Minor Console Bug

Have you left the PS4 running for an extended period of time? If yes, it is possible that there has been some temporary (and minor) bug that has occurred in the console. It is owing to this minor bug that the PS4 is unable to recognize the disc you are inserting into the disc drive.

If this is the reason behind the error ‘Unrecognised Disc’, the fix is as easy as restarting your PS4.

Dirty Disc Drive

It’s possible that the disc drive is unable to recognize the disc, not because the disc is dirty, but because the drive itself is dirty. Although this is uncommon, it is possible that you left your disc drive open for too long, making it accumulate dust and grime on it.

Malfunctioning or Damaged Disc Drive

Has your PS4 recently taken a great fall? Or has it gone through wear and tear over time? No matter what the reason, your disc drive may be unable to recognize the disc due to some damage incurred by it.

It is also possible that the disc drive has hardware issues which may not be very common, but hardware problems can cause the disc drive to malfunction, and therefore cause the error.


How to fix PS4 ‘Unrecognised Disc’ Error?

Below we have covered 8 solutions to fixing the ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error on your PS4 console:

Solution 1: Clean the Disc and Disc Drive

We’ve already discussed how dirt and grime on either the disc or the disc drive can cause the console to fail at recognizing the disc. If the disc you’re using is dirty, take a micro cloth (which will prevent any scratches or damage to the disc while cleaning) and gently rub it onto the surface of the disc.

Similarly, for the disc, use the micro cloth to clean the surface of the drive and then put the disc back in to check if the error is gone.

Solution 2: Do a Quick System Reboot

Aforementioned, you could be facing an ‘Unrecognised Disc’ error on your PS4 console due to some minor console bug. The easiest way to fix it is restarting the PS4 console. 

Here is how you can restart the console:

  • Unplug the console from the power source.
  • Disconnect the AC cord and other cables connected to the console.
  • Leave the console disconnected for about 2 minutes.
  • Plug back all the cables, and turn on the console again. This should fix your problem; if not, follow the solutions mentioned below.

Solution 3: Turn your Console to a Vertical Position

Although we’re not completely sure how and why this works, many users who had been facing the ‘Unrecognised Disc’ had their problems fixed with this solution.

All you need to do is hold your console in the air and turn it into a vertical position. Place the console in the same vertical position on the stand back again, and re-insert the disc. 

If the problem still persists, move on to the next solutions until one works out for you.

Solution 4: Rip and Convert Blu-ray/DVD Discs

It is possible that the disc you’re using contains a file in a format that is incompatible with PS4. If you’re using a disc that has Blu-ray/DVD disc file, you can try ripping it and converting the same to regular or 1080P HD video files. 

Make sure that these files are compatible with PS4 and come in a format such as MP4 that will allow smooth playback. You can use any good video converter to rip and convert the file format of the files on the disc.

Solution 5: Update Software using Safe Mode

If you’re running on out-of-date software, updating the software can fix the issue of ‘Unrecognized disc’ on your console. 

Follow the steps below to update your PS4 software:

  • Turn off your console.
  • To access safe mode, hold the power button on the rear end of the console until you hear two beeps. Once you hear two beeps, your screen will light up again, and now you will be in the Safe Mode of PS4.
  • Connecting your PS4 controller to the console using the USB cable, press the ‘PlayStation’ button on the controller. You’ll be redirected to a screen that has 7 options on it.
  • Select ‘Update System Software’ from amongst the 7 options. Now, either select ‘Updating using USB (if you have the update pre-installed on a USB drive) or select ‘Update Using Internet’ (to directly download the update from the internet).
  • The process will take a while, and you’ll see a progress bar on the screen. Once the process is complete, your console will reboot itself, and your software will be updated.
  • Re-insert the disc in the disc drive to see if the problem has been fixed.

Solution 6: Rebuild Database using Safe Mode

If updating does not work, try rebuilding the database using the Safe Mode on PS4.

  • Follow the first three steps from Solution 5.
  • Select ‘Rebuild Database’. Select ‘OK’. 
  • A progress bar will indicate the level of completion of rebuilding the database. Once done, the system will restart. Check to see if the problem has been fixed.

This solution works best if you have been facing an error after updating the firmware.

Solution 7: Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software)

Initialising PS4 will delete all data from the drive, as well as the software updates, bringing it down to how it was with the default factory settings. Make sure to backup your data before moving forward with this solution.

Here is how you can initialize PS4 (reinstall system software):

  • Follow the first three steps from Solution 5.
  • Select ‘Initialise PS4 (Reinstall System Software).
  • Select ‘OK.’Once the process is complete, your console will restart itself. Check to see if the error still persists.

Solution 8: Get a Repair or Replacement by Sony

This is your last resort to fixing the error. If none of the solutions have worked, it is possible that the problem lies in the hardware of the drive, which will require a repair or replacement by a professional.

We suggest seeking help from the experts at Sony themselves, who you can reach by visiting your nearest Sony Store or Service Centre. If you still have a warranty on your PS4, you can claim a free repair or replacement from the PlayStation’s official support page.


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